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Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Reading - Book Review

I love summer! Summer means to me staying up late, sleeping in, drinking sweet tea, and making a trip to the library each week for a new stack of books to read. I read a little bit of everything from Chick Lit, espionage thrillers, christian lit, historical books you name and I probably love to read it. However one of my favorite Chick Lit author: Hester Browne (she is the author of the "Little lady agency series") Hester Browne just released a new book called "Finishing Touches". What a delightful read!

"Finishing Touches" is a story about a girl named Betsy who after the death of her adopted mother returns to the Academy that her mother had ran for her entire life to try to save it from financial ruin. The Academy is a finishing school for the uber rich of society. It is a fun romance full of fun adventure filled with life's ups and down along with some helpful tidbits about being a lady. What a fun, lite summer read!


  1. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I also love to read, and will put this one on my list. I do love the summer time too.

  2. Do you read & compute at the same time?
    What a Multi-Tasker you are!!

  3. I am hoping to get some reading in this summer.
    Not likely...but I can always dream.

  4. You know I love good book recommendation. Thanks!



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