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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 1st Noel trying to be healthy

This is the first Thanksgiving through Christmas that I have tried to live a healthy lifestyle. Well let me tell you, it is tough!!
Now before you start shaking your head thinking "girl, you should just have some self control". It's not about just having self control. It's a lot about -scheduling!!!

After all if I am still trying to accomplish the following: get girls up, make lunch, fix 2 sets of girls hair done (that's not counting my own), chauffeuring 3 girls to school, hitting the gym, getting cleaned up, laundry, picking up the girls,homework, dinner & practice, trying to count my calories, drink more water and try to get 7 hours sleep ( so I can loose tummy fat) now the holidays are upon us, & now I am trying to add crafting, wrapping gifts, baking, cleaning, hosting celebrations, going to fun get togethers etc..).

Whew! I tell you what I have learned somethings that I will do differently next year.
1). Simplify some
2). Craft through out the year -do not wait to try to do it all in one month.
3). Make a plan!!
4). Make cute tags ahead of december.
5). Be prepared to take off only 2 days before company. But plan on an alternative exercise workout at home.

All those may seem so simple and so common sense to you all. However. I am used to trying to do it all, and I tell you you can not do it all ALL the time. You have only so many minutes in a day and you have to choose! If you want to have time to snuggle with your babies, dance with your husband, curl up and read a good book. (which I know I do!) You just have to Have a plan. It's ok I doubt your family thinks your super women, nor do they expect you to be. So take a deep breathe and make a plan. If you mess up-don't sweat it just get back up, "after all you don't get tackled sitting on the bench". ( I like that quote but I am sorry I do not know who said it).

I believe I can be healthy but it does take a plan, it takes a positive outlook, & persistence!!

How do I stay positive - I remember when I was taking in some 3xl size sweaters to a size Large. That makes me stay positive! I remember where I have come from.

So the 1st Noel trying to be healthy has had some speed bumps, I put on 3 pounds since Thanksgiving. (the scale goes up 3 pounds, down 2, up 1 down 3) But if I can keep it under a 4 pound gain I will be satisfied. I have to live and will hit it hard and tackle that last 40 pounds in 2012!!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What are you actually celebrating?

I am a horrible time manager! I know here I am a mom, wearing all kinds of hats (cook,chauffeur, social coordinator, wife, decorator, hostess, friend, daughter, etc..) My husband was kindly, very gently reminding me of the "important" things that I needed to get done, and to stay focused on what was necessary, or required to be done first. It made me start thinking "what is important", "what is needed", and "what am I really celebrating"?

I often relate to the story of Martha, (Luke 10:39-42) in the story of Mary and Martha. Oh, I desire to have a Mary's heart seating at the feet of Jesus - just once everything is clean, and ready so that I can focus on what he is saying. Does anyone relate?

It made me start to think, if actions speak louder than words, and my kids are watching what would they say I was celebrating this holiday season. I am afraid that my kids would answer that there mom was celebrating family get togethers and celebration. How sad. Christmas is not about family get togethers! It is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, that God loves us with a "never the less" kind of love!! How that made me stop and pause -which is shocking if you saw my "to do" list. A family is a "blessing. Webster defines blessing as:



Definition of BLESSING

a : the act or words of one that blessesb : approval, encouragement
: a thing conducive to happiness or welfare

I am blessed to have a family, that provides happiness, and encouragement. However Christmas time, my heart and my soul should be focused on celebrating Christ. Jesus Christ is the gift of Christmas. My soul should be at peace. So as I prepare for my family get together. I am going to keep my eyes on Christ, and hopefully my actions will reflect that I am lucky to have a family to get together with, but our "getting together" is not the be all, end all of the holidays, and if something is not perfect, well there goes the holidays. Nope, because Christmas is about Christ. It's not about finding the perfect centerpiece, having the perfect game to play, and keeping everyone else happy. So what are you celebrating this Christmas? Does your actions and the words of your mouth back up your answer?
Just some deep thoughts from a mom who had been busily trying to do it all, taking a deep breath and re-prioritizing what is needed. I think I am going to have to this daily! If not I get distracted and loose my focus. Hope you keep your eyes on Christ.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

17 years together!

Well I did some celebrating this last weekend. Me and my husband celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary-Woo Hoo! I have now known this man 19 years - whew! Such a weird thing to state, that seems like such a long time when you say it years. However when you are living it, it has gone by fast-super fast! We have had good times, and bad times, we have had our ups and our downs. However I love this man, and enjoy living life with him. I am blessed to be so loved! I am humbled by his commitment and dedication to our vows, impressed by how he fathers our children, and strengthened by his strengths. I look forward to what the future will bring our way!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

finding Christ this Christmas season

At this time of year, as we get out our Christmas ornaments and decorate the tree. We have a tradition that each child gets to hang their own ornaments on the tree. We laugh and talk about each piece as we decorate the tree. We remember how much each child has grown, and where we have been. (we also buy an ornament on each family vacation). (do you have any macaroni ornaments on your tree?)

This tradition in its own way reminds me the children of israel celebrated Passover each year. To celebrate the children of Israel escape from slavery in Egypt. The Passover celebration is celebrated with the asking of 4 questions, they remind the Jewish people where they have been, how faithful is God then at the end of the celebration it is concluded with them looking forward to the return of the Messiah. The promised one.

What would it have been like to have been a Shepard going through the routine of life and being startled awake by an angel announcing the birth of the messiah.
"That night, some shepherds were in the fields nearby watching their sheep. Then an angel of the Lord stood before them. The glory of the Lord was shining around them, and they became very frightened. The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I am bringing you good news that will be a great joy to all the people. Today your Savior was born in the town of David. He is Christ, the Lord. This is how you will know him: You will find a baby wrapped in pieces of cloth and lying in a feeding box.” Then a very large group of angels from heaven joined the first angel, praising God and saying: “Give glory to God in heaven,and on earth let there be peace among the people who please God.” When the angels left them and went back to heaven, the shepherds said to each other, “Let’s go to Bethlehem. Let’s see this thing that has happened which the Lord has told us about.” So the shepherds went quickly and found Mary and Joseph and the baby, who was lying in a feeding trough. When they had seen him, they told what the angels had said about this child. Everyone was amazed at what the shepherds said to them. But Mary treasured these things and continued to think about them. Then the shepherds went back to their sheep, praising God and thanking him for everything they had seen and heard. It had been just as the angel had told them. (Luke 2:8-20 NCV)

Can you imagine being startled awake to such a sight, how bright they must have been. In the darkness of the night. I am sure the shepherds were shocked, did what they just saw and heard, really just happened!?! With adrenalin Pumping through their veins the got up and rushed to see if it was true. Oh how they must have marveled at the sight of finding Mary, Joseph, and the newborn baby Jesus.

So as we are going about our routine in the busyness of the season, remember to stop, pause and pick up the bible and find Jesus for yourself. Remember where you have been, and what Christ has done for you!

I hope you marvel at what God has done for you this Christmas. That you ponder and continue to think of what you have read. May Christ be real to you this Christmas!

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Paper wreaths

Ok I have been in love with some of the beautiful paper rosette wreaths I have been seeing on line like this one from http://thefrugalgirls.com/2011/10/diy-paper-rosette-wreath.html

Then this one from http://www.lovelycraftyhome.com/2010/12/20/paper-rosette-wreath/

So I decided I had to make myself one! After all I had some spare books, I had hot glue, I had me some time -almost a free craft, the very best kind of craft!
However 5 hours into making my own paper rosette wreath I have learned - Dang! It takes some time to make those cute paper rosettes! (see below some of my rosettes)

And I am FAR from having enough to make a wreath! Good thing I did not want to use the wreath until January. Whew! Well me & my hot glue burned fingers have some more paper rosettes to make. Hope you have a good weekend!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Dog food container

I used a cheesy popcorn container (see picture below)

Instead of throwing it out, I sprayed a primer cost, then spray painted the container one color to cover up the snowmen. Then I used a circuit to cut the vinyl words "dog food" to make it a usable everyday storage container. Inspired again from Pinterest. Ahh, what would I do without all the great inspiration found there!

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Whose on your team?

As most of you know, the year 2011 has been a start of a weight loss journey for me to become more fit, and have a more healthy lifestyle.

Having people that support, encourage you, hold you accountable, and cheer you on is so valuable!! In January of this year when I started on this journey, had you asked me the question "whose on your team?". My answer would have been 1) my husband and 2) my mother. That's it. In fact, I was embarrassed to even tell others that I was getting ready to "try" to loose weight "once again". I did not want judgement, or attitude from anyone who had never struggled with a weight issues.
As my weight loss journey continued on I was surprised to find that "my team" grew. Nothing prepared me for this! When you struggle with weight you feel ashamed and feel very isolated, they say as a society we don't talk about money. However I can tell you overweight women do not talk, really talk about how they feel and the struggles they have with being overweight, and often those who lost weight seem to be proud of their success and can't even remember how hard it was to just start the first baby steps of this journey. (frustrating!).
Well I opened up on line and found some very sweet supporters on line! (Beverly buzz, Calamity, that's Baloney, 6 happy hearts, C'est la belle vie to name a few)
Then as I went to classes at the gym, trainers were very encouraging! (remember when I started I was often the only plus size lady in class). Trainers Lesli, Ginger, and Charlsea were encouraging and offered a friendly smile,a enthusiastic greeting and knowledgeable instruction.
So a few more people joined my team. Then as I became a "regular" at Sky Fitness Gym I got to know some of the other "regulars". Who offered me advice, encouragement, noticed if I missed, also noticed when I hit fitness goals. (below are pictures of me with some of those kind ladies).

(the above photos were taken after spin class, right before body pump class started. Excuse the sweat!)

This sweet lady learns everyone's name in spin class and always says "hi!". I tell you what, I enjoy spin class, but she makes spin class feel like The "cheers" song says "we want to go where the people go, and everyone knows your name".

So I want to encourage anyone out there who is thinking about trying one more time. Thinking that they might not have a support team. You might be surprised, as how your team grows as your commitment towards your goals grow!! Also who ends up on your team, you might not even know them right now. (I did not know one of those sweet ladies I am I the picture with in January.) Last but not least you will never regret traveling this road. It may get hilly, it may be slow, fast, slow but as long as you keep moving you will find yourself in a much better place than you were in!

If you find yourself needing support please leave a comment, and your blog name. I would love to support you and be on your team! I know losing weight is tough, real tough!! Exercising may seem impossible if walking is a challenge. Just remember you start where you are, and you move forward. Any progress is progress, this is your life, not a competition!!

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