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Friday, December 2, 2011

Whose on your team?

As most of you know, the year 2011 has been a start of a weight loss journey for me to become more fit, and have a more healthy lifestyle.

Having people that support, encourage you, hold you accountable, and cheer you on is so valuable!! In January of this year when I started on this journey, had you asked me the question "whose on your team?". My answer would have been 1) my husband and 2) my mother. That's it. In fact, I was embarrassed to even tell others that I was getting ready to "try" to loose weight "once again". I did not want judgement, or attitude from anyone who had never struggled with a weight issues.
As my weight loss journey continued on I was surprised to find that "my team" grew. Nothing prepared me for this! When you struggle with weight you feel ashamed and feel very isolated, they say as a society we don't talk about money. However I can tell you overweight women do not talk, really talk about how they feel and the struggles they have with being overweight, and often those who lost weight seem to be proud of their success and can't even remember how hard it was to just start the first baby steps of this journey. (frustrating!).
Well I opened up on line and found some very sweet supporters on line! (Beverly buzz, Calamity, that's Baloney, 6 happy hearts, C'est la belle vie to name a few)
Then as I went to classes at the gym, trainers were very encouraging! (remember when I started I was often the only plus size lady in class). Trainers Lesli, Ginger, and Charlsea were encouraging and offered a friendly smile,a enthusiastic greeting and knowledgeable instruction.
So a few more people joined my team. Then as I became a "regular" at Sky Fitness Gym I got to know some of the other "regulars". Who offered me advice, encouragement, noticed if I missed, also noticed when I hit fitness goals. (below are pictures of me with some of those kind ladies).

(the above photos were taken after spin class, right before body pump class started. Excuse the sweat!)

This sweet lady learns everyone's name in spin class and always says "hi!". I tell you what, I enjoy spin class, but she makes spin class feel like The "cheers" song says "we want to go where the people go, and everyone knows your name".

So I want to encourage anyone out there who is thinking about trying one more time. Thinking that they might not have a support team. You might be surprised, as how your team grows as your commitment towards your goals grow!! Also who ends up on your team, you might not even know them right now. (I did not know one of those sweet ladies I am I the picture with in January.) Last but not least you will never regret traveling this road. It may get hilly, it may be slow, fast, slow but as long as you keep moving you will find yourself in a much better place than you were in!

If you find yourself needing support please leave a comment, and your blog name. I would love to support you and be on your team! I know losing weight is tough, real tough!! Exercising may seem impossible if walking is a challenge. Just remember you start where you are, and you move forward. Any progress is progress, this is your life, not a competition!!

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  1. I have been so impressed throughout your journey. It truly is an inspiration and helped me get off my rear and reach my own goal that I previously thought was unattainable!
    You are a blessing!

  2. Rah! Rah! Rah!
    Everyone needs some cheerleaders!!
    I'm so HAPPY for you!!
    Who knows, maybe after the first of the year I'll get you to cheer me on and I'll try to lose some weight AGAIN! maybe.

  3. Once again I applaud you and your continued efforts! I only have about 15 lbs I want to lose and just cannot seem to get with the program. Maybe I need to try your method! (without the spin class) ;-)

  4. Hmmmm....I don't have a team at all. :( I guess that's why I'm not losing any weight. I may have to recruit you. ; )



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