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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What are you actually celebrating?

I am a horrible time manager! I know here I am a mom, wearing all kinds of hats (cook,chauffeur, social coordinator, wife, decorator, hostess, friend, daughter, etc..) My husband was kindly, very gently reminding me of the "important" things that I needed to get done, and to stay focused on what was necessary, or required to be done first. It made me start thinking "what is important", "what is needed", and "what am I really celebrating"?

I often relate to the story of Martha, (Luke 10:39-42) in the story of Mary and Martha. Oh, I desire to have a Mary's heart seating at the feet of Jesus - just once everything is clean, and ready so that I can focus on what he is saying. Does anyone relate?

It made me start to think, if actions speak louder than words, and my kids are watching what would they say I was celebrating this holiday season. I am afraid that my kids would answer that there mom was celebrating family get togethers and celebration. How sad. Christmas is not about family get togethers! It is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, that God loves us with a "never the less" kind of love!! How that made me stop and pause -which is shocking if you saw my "to do" list. A family is a "blessing. Webster defines blessing as:



Definition of BLESSING

a : the act or words of one that blessesb : approval, encouragement
: a thing conducive to happiness or welfare

I am blessed to have a family, that provides happiness, and encouragement. However Christmas time, my heart and my soul should be focused on celebrating Christ. Jesus Christ is the gift of Christmas. My soul should be at peace. So as I prepare for my family get together. I am going to keep my eyes on Christ, and hopefully my actions will reflect that I am lucky to have a family to get together with, but our "getting together" is not the be all, end all of the holidays, and if something is not perfect, well there goes the holidays. Nope, because Christmas is about Christ. It's not about finding the perfect centerpiece, having the perfect game to play, and keeping everyone else happy. So what are you celebrating this Christmas? Does your actions and the words of your mouth back up your answer?
Just some deep thoughts from a mom who had been busily trying to do it all, taking a deep breath and re-prioritizing what is needed. I think I am going to have to this daily! If not I get distracted and loose my focus. Hope you keep your eyes on Christ.



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