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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

You talk about taking a punch!

The recipe for today comes from a group of ladies, that met every Monday morning during the school year for Bible Study way back when I was carrying a carrier/car seat around. Needless to say as a group of young moms who were sleep deprived this iced coffee punch was a hit! We had this at our brunch at the end of each study.

Iced Coffee Punch:
1 quart of cooled strongly brewed coffee
1 C whipping cream
1 quart vanilla ice cream
1 quart chocolate ice cream

Mix cooled coffee with whipping cream pour over the ice cream in a punch bowl. Gently stir until ice cream slightly melts.

This coffee punch is so good & delivers the caffeine punch! However, if you wanted to serve it in the evening decaf would work as well!

This group of ladies touched my heart as I started my journey along the motherhood path. I would come tired, very happy to talk to someone who could speak in complete sentences, smelling faintly of spit up, running 5 minutes late, but was so very glad to be there!

This group of ladies were so precious to me, we studied the word of God, learned how to apply the scriptures to our daily life and lifted each other up in prayer. They add a Big flavor to that season of my life! My favorite bible verse about trusting God came from the time I studied scripture with this group of ladies. So I will close with that verse today.

Some boast in chariots and some in horses,
But we will boast in the name of the LORD, our God. (Psalm 20:7 NASB)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

These 2 sisters can cook!

These two sister's I got to know right at the beginning of my motherhood phase of life. Who knew then that God was going to bless my life with three daughters!! I was raised with all brothers, and my Mom was 7 inches shorter than me. (needless to say we could only share clothes for about 6 weeks of my life!). I was fascinated (I mean Fascinated! Make me laugh & cry at the same time) with their stories of growing up, how they fussed at times, and how alike & how different they were from each other. Believe it or not there are 3 sister's in their family, the other one, just did not attend our church. (however, Robin impacted my life as well because i "borrowed" her girl's name, and turned it around thus naming my baby girl "Grace Caroline".). They also could relate with my stories because they had a baby brother as well.

Now these two sisters are wonderful cooks & wonderful hostess!

Here is a picture of Kerry on the left side,me in the middle & another sweet friend on our right. (this was taken at a Christmas cookie exchange party, where we wear our PJ's, eat, play silly games & exchange cookies)

Kerry is known for her amazing frozen Slushes that she serves guest during the hot summer months. (bourbon Slushes, frozen sangria etc..)
My favorite is her Frozen Sangria!!
Kerry's Frozen Sangria recipe:
1/2 C of sugar
8 ounce can of crushed pineapple
2 1/2 C of dry Red wine
1 1/2 C of Orange juice
1/2 C of Lemon juice
Mix in blender then freeze.
Dip frozen concoction Into glasses, top with Pinot Grigio or Ginger Ale.
(for large groups such as a 24 people, she quadruples the recipe)

Kerry is a motivator! Kerry has taught me: the value of consistent exercise. Kerry runs. I've been her friend while she has trained and worked hard to run in everything from a 5K to a Marathon! Kerry has now taken her motivating attitude and self discipline to the next level and now teaches exercise classes at the local Y. Kerry is always encouraging to others who want to start exercising or is feeling frustrated with the whole process. However she never hits you over the head with it, she is always graceful about her pursuit of being healthy & fit!! (by the way she also knows & can recall the lyrics to about any song she has Ever heard-so unfair!)
Here is a photo of the two of the two sister's that I am sharing about today. Kerry is on the left, Wendy is on the right. Aren't they lovely!

Wendy is the other sister I was telling you about. Wendy is a positive,Sanguine in personality, never meets a stranger, girly girl, who is always the encourager!
Wendy makes the best Artichoke Dip!! (warning you might be tempted to push everyone else away from this dish & eat it all by yourself!)

Wendy's Artichoke Dip:
1 can of artichoke hearts (drained & chopped)
1 C Mayo
1 C grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 C or more of shredded Parmesan cheese (real finely shredded bought in a tub already shredded)
8 ounce of softened cream cheese
1/2 C of sour cream
2 Garlic cloves-crushed
2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp dill weed
1/2 tsp Worchestire sauce
2 tsp shredded Parmesan cheese
Chop artichoke hearts, combine mayo, cheese, sour team, add garlic,fill weed,Worchestire sauce, spread in 8x8 or 9x9 square pan (that had been well sprayed). Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 mins. After taking dip out from the oven sprinkle with the remaining 2 tsp of shredded Parmesan cheese.
Serve with bagel chips.

Wendy taught me the value of encouraging words! Wendy also modeled the gift of being friendly and kind to others as she touched the life of those around her. (Also she taught me what the word toile was & what Mercury glass is)

I did not know that I was going to become a mother of three girls! However God knew and he was preparing my heart for this, by hearing these two sisters stories of childhood. I am so thankful that they shared their stories with me! I am filled with hope, that even on days that my girls don't like each other very much, that these teen years will pass and they will love each other dearly and be close friends!

Hope you enjoy the recipes from today!

Remember you are rubbing off on those around you!
What are you leaving in the lives the people your path crosses with today?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My mom makes the best...

I've actually hosted a party with the exact theme before for a Mom's Night Out. It was a lot of fun & a great way to get to know each other better. But let me not get off subject.
My Mom makes the best Chocolate Frosting and Chocolate Pie!

Her frosting will ruin you for store bought kind!! So warning "serve this at your own risk!!!" Cuz, honey once your family has had a taste of this frosting they will grumble & whine every time you try to serve frosting from a tub!!!!

My Momma's Chocolate Frosting:
1/2 stick of margarine
3 T Cocoa powder, heaping Tablespoons!!!
1lb of powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/4 C milk* (warning read directions before adding!)

Melt margarine in microwave, set aside. Place powdered sugar in medium mixing bowl. Stir in cocoa, add melted margarine, vanilla, & *****1/2 the milk.

Beat with mixer, if needed add more milk SLOWLY till you get the right consistency. Frost cooled cake.

Now you will remember that I did boast that my momma also made the very best you have ever had Choclate pie but I am going to save that recipe for when I cover another lady. (Since my momma did learn this recipe from my father's side of the family-)

This is my favorite picture of me & my mom. It was taken on one of our "girl's day out". It holds such a special memory for me!

My momma taught me so much! Ha!, besides All of the basics, potty training, no hitting, sit with your knees together, sit up don't slouch, ladies don't spit, please don't chew with your mouth open, don't wear white after Labor day, and no white shoes until Easter, etc... (are you getting the idea that I was a handful, it's because I was! I was 5'7 by 6th grade! My momma had a challenge of turning me into a lady, for that alone I am thankful.).

However, my mom taught me some other "life" lessons along the way: the importance of attending church, the value of having girlfriends in your life, and you never outgrow creating! You should do what you love be it: art, writing, dancing, music. You should enjoy life as your passing through it! And like my momma always said to me in times of crisis, taken from one of my favorite movies from my teen years (Gone with the Wind) "well Scarlet, tomorrow is another day!". Meaning this too will pass & even if it "felt" like my world was ending (oh the dramatic life of teenage girls!) life would go on! (wether I wanted it to or not) another very important lesson!

I am very thankful for my mom!

What did your momma make that you loved?

What can you boast about, "My momma makes the best________!".
I would love to know!

Hope your beating the heat wherever you are! (it's supposed to be at least 100 degrees here today in Oklahoma)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Long long ago before pinterest

I love Pinterest! I love finding amazing recipes & step by step directions for a new craft. However, before Pinterest came in to being I collected "printed" recipes.

Don't get me wrong I had my "Southern Living Cookbooks" that I still think is the bible to cooking. I also had a collection of Church cookbooks that I consulted in my journey in learning to cook.

However, nothing competes with the tried and true recipe of Family and Friends!!!

I was hunting a recipe down the other day & started flipping through the book where I have filed recipes from family and friends, and I realized how very blessed I have been to have some Amazing woman in my life. Not only did these ladies share their recipes with me, they also shared part of their lives and stories with me. I have truly learned about "life" from these women as well as some yummy recipes!!

So for the next two weeks I am going to take a day and highlight each of these ladies, sharing with you their tasty recipe and how each lady added "flavor" to my life!!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Perfect Pairing

Be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid of them and don’t be frightened, because the Lord your God will go with you. He will not leave you or forget you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6 NCV)


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pinterest Party

I am so excited! I am getting ready to host a "Pinterest Party" this upcoming week.

If you are not familiar with a pinterest party, it is where you invite some friends over (in my case some ladies from our church). I will have centers set up where my guest can work on different craft "pins" or "projects" that I pinned on Pinterest. Everyone will get to take their projects home with them.

I asked each guest to bring either an appetizer or goodie that they have pinned on Pinterest to share. I think this will be fun way to get to sample some of the items we have seen on Pinterest.

I'm a social person so I think crafting will be much more entertaining if we are getting to visit while we craft. Stay tuned for pictures and more details of the party on Thursday!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun, fun & SPF

The girls & me have been having fun in the sun this week!!

My red head has been enjoying the sun so much more than usual due to some new sunscreen that is now available on the market.

Banana Boat has a sunscreen that is SPF 100!!!
I kid you not, it is a wonderful thing for white white skin that fries like bacon out in the sun.

The second product is the face stick that is by Neutrogena that is marketed for babies thst now comes in SPF 60 -that is a big improvement from what used to be on the market -SPF 45 was all I used to be able to find. Which just wasn't strong enough. Even when applying once every hour my poor girls face would burn. (which means skin damage what girl wants that!!). I'm not sure with all the attention on skin damage why Neutrogena is marketing this for babies, I would think it would be a great product to market to ladies that are concerned about sun on their hands while driving and running errands. The stick allows easy application without getting it on your fingertips.

The sun was out today,the other two girls that tan and usually never burn -who use a lower SPF got burnt today, but not my red head!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A very sweet lady that my husband works with has been having an over flow of zucchini. Which we have benefited from!!

I adore zucchini bread in the fall -seasoned with cinnamon & other spices it screams "Welcome to Fall". The zucchini is the most expensive thing to buy in making this bread. Did you know that you can freeze shredded or grated zucchini for baking? Well you can!

So I've been peeling my zucchini, then grating it, then freezing it in 1 1/2 cups to 2 cup size portions.

I put up 7 packages of zucchini the other day. They will wait until that perfect baking day in the fall, when I can pull them from the freezer & make lots of bread to eat & share with neighbors and friends!

Do you freeze or can any veggies or fruit from this time of year?


Had to be a man!

I love to cook! I love to bake! I really love it when I can try my hand at something new or don't have up rush through a recipe.

My hubby asked for bread pudding for dessert for his Father's Day dinner. I was very excited to try something new.
I googled it and found all kinds of yummy sounding variations. He decided the brown sugar butterscotch bread pudding sounded the best.

So off to the store I went collecting all the ingredients. Once home I assembled the dessert ready to place in the oven, read the "directions" as to temperature & time needed to bake.

Ugh!!! I kid you not! The directions said to cook for 1 hour or until wiggly like a well endowed thigh! Ugh!

No woman would ever ever describe food as a jiggly wiggly body part !!
I've heard of a pinch, a smidge, even a little bit. But never have I heard of a thigh wiggle! Enough said!

I think allrecipe should "adjust" their directions on this. After all what means a well endowed thigh to one person may not be the same to another.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OKC Thunder Watch Party

We had a watch party, the other night to cheer on our favorite NBA team, the OKC Thunder!

I made the basketball for the front door to greet the guest. I made a miniature one to hang over the table with balloons over the food table.
I saw a tutorial for burlap door hangings over at "My Heart's Desire blog" at:

We had a bunch of yummy food from veggie tray, hot wing dip, hot bacon cheese dip, I bought cute blue & orange decorated cupcakes.

We bought cute little basketballs from the $ store, in their pool toy department. That we used in hurricane vases as table decor and at the end of the night we sent each kid home with one.

We had a good time that night but sadly our team lost. The next game is tonight, and as we say around her "Thunder Up!!"


Saturday, June 16, 2012

I want to live

The girls & I went and watched their cousin Maddison perform in a church musical the other night. All the kids did a great job, and it was fun to see how they combined the story with the songs!

One song really stuck in my mind. The lyrics of the song said,
"If you want to live,
You have to forgive
And forget"

Isn't that the simple truth! Don't we all know someone who is trapped in the past by holding on to something unwilling to forgive & forget!

I don't want to be trapped in the past. I feel like Jimny Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life".
"I want to live! I want to live again!"


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thunder up!

Well you can hear "Thunder Up" all across Oklahoma this week. The OKC Thunder NBA team has made the Finals!! The whole state is going wild with Thunder Fever!!

Here is a few examples of what we are seeing around town and on-line.

Prettify my life blog: http://prettifyyourlife.blogspot.com/2012/06/episode-99-go-thunder.html?m=1

Has a great demo for how to Thunder up your front door.

Doesn't that look fab!! Stop by her blog & tell her "hi!", and let her know that I sent you her way.

Here is a front yard that someone went wild with.

Look at these cute toes (Ashley G.'s). Is this not the cutest pedi for a fan to sport, during flip flop season!!

I will post some of the goodies I make as I get ready for our watch party!! So I leave you with this:


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Call me Maybe: The Family Vacation Dare

Vacation time is almost here, what do you do with teens and kids who are just plugged into an iPhone,Nintendo (insert any electronic device your kid uses here) etc.. for a fun road trip??  How can you lure your kid out from their headphones?

You take a cue from Harvard's Baseball team and the video they posted of "Call me Maybe"
and watch response back from the SMU girls Rowing teams response to that video.

How much Fun!  If you haven't watched them, do so now! (I've posted them below)  Don't wait,  it will make your day!

The Dare:
Now challenge another family, that you know with similar age kids, or heck, Challenge a group of families that you know, or go Bigger and challenge your whole church to make their own fun filled video and have a fun night of snacking, and laughing watching them all, maybe over some home-made ice cream.
I know we issued the Challenge/Dare last night to the other Barnes clan. (I am married to a twin, and we have kids that are stair stepped in age) for them to make their own family video while going on vacation and we will make ours.   Dunt......Dunt........Dah!!!!!(dramatic music here)
   We shall see what happens.  Whose will be the best?  Will we care?

My guess is, this will at least kill 1-2 hours of your ride & along the way you will be making memories with your kids.  The bonus to all that fun, is that you will end up with a great video to keep; of your kids working together, having fun, laughing, all of which is what you wanted to accomplish on that family vacation anyways!!

I would love to see any of the videos that your family makes, please post me a link if you end up making one yourself!  Maybe?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

1. Swim
2. Eat Popsicles
3. Take each daughter (I have 3 remember) on 2 one-on-one time at Starbucks.
4. Go see the new spiderman movie that opens in July
5. Go see the new movie Brave, about the red headed girl (hum, I wonder why?!)
6. Surprise my girls with a late night run to Josh's snow cone shack
7. Go to a museum for the afternoon
8. Make string art with daughters for their room
(will post on this later)
9. Make cool crayon art with each daughter for her room
(will post on that in more detail later)

(see pics above of the cool artwork that I want to do with each daughter)
10. Sleep in
11. Stay up late
12. Open my house up & have friends over
(I truly believe this is the only way to build closer friendships!)
13. Watch my daughters try to catch fireflies in a jar
14. Read the books on my summer reading list!!
15. Encourage my daughters to read their 2 books each! (see previous post for details)
16. Take all the girls out for a fun outing of Toilet papering someone else's house (no damage to property just good clean fun)
17. Mail something fun to each niece or nephew of mine or my husband's over the course of the summer.
18. Paint middle daughters bedroom
19. Recover bench for my sitting area (aka known as the "bubble" to my girls..aka "can't talk to mom right now, she is in her bible study/ prayer "bubble". Let's come back in 15 minutes). I love that my girls are seeing that spending time with God is important!!
20. Be a good role model & exercise consistently (I have not been doing so good on this but I am determined to master this!!!) (pray for me!)
21. Leave a sweet romantic note or do a romantic gesture for my husband every 2 weeks!!
22. Get out on a date with my hubby alone at least once a month (it's a little more difficult in the summer months because that is the time he also takes each daughter out on a date!! I love that about my husband!! He wants to teach each daughter how she should expect to be treated, as well as filling up their love tanks!!)
23. Visit with my grandma once a week.
24. Go to a drive in movie!
25. Go on a hike!
26. Watch the sunset!
27. Watch a sunrise!
28. Make a smash book (like an art journal but mine will focus on God's promises!)
29. Be a good friend
30. Declutter my house some!!!
31. Memorize 10 scriptures!!
32. Make a piece of subway art for my house
33. Make "game day" deco for prep for Football in the Fall y'all!
34. Go to Pops! (an amazing little store in Oklahoma that has EVERY type of pop, that you have never ever heard of before!!!
35. Write some old fashioned letters and snail mail them to people. (don't you just love fun mail!!)
36. Make some "home-made" ice cream!
37. Buy some tennis rackets for daughters to play some tennis!
38. Hopefully get to eat a homegrown tomato washed, sliced, & salted all by itself right after picking!!
39. Remember to enjoy where I am at, not to be busy rushing through my life!!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!!

What are you planning on doing this summer??

Monday, June 11, 2012

The One sentence Challenge

Ok, here is the challenge that really got to me this weekend. I was listening to "Elevation Church" podcast while cleaning up the kitchen the other night. When Steven Furtick (the pastor of Elevation Church) challenged everyone to put in one sentence what they want their life to stand for, or what you would want others to say about you after you have lived your life.

Because how we live this life is important! We are leaving a legacy what will mine be?

So at first I thought about the old Japanese proverbs:
Fall down seven times, get up eight.

I thought I could tweak it:
Fall down seven times, and by the Grace of God get up eight.

However, after I thought of it, while I do want that to be part of my story-do I really want that to be All of my story. No, not really.
I would really like it to be said that:

Amy loved others like God loved them.

Which when I started to think about made me giggle because if I was to really start to love others as Christ. I would have to "give up all my little "pettiness" of feelings & thoughts and love others". How, by doing what Steven Furtick said, "re-cast the staring role of my story with Jesus, not myself"

Whoa! Your probably thinking that "aren't you, supposed to be doing that al ready." Well yes, I am. However it can be harder to "do" than it seems. I admit when someone has been rude or hurtful in their actions or words to one of my daughter's & then I run into that person at a store etc.. It can be hard to be really loving. Really looking at that person and seeing what they are needing, being willing to see that person as God sees them & not thinking little judgementally thoughts (I know! I am probably all alone here, when I think or wonder if some teens or kids are acting all nice or sweet in a fake way as being an "Eddy Haskell". Does anyone remember who that character was from Leave it to Beaver"?)

Well I am going to try to start "capturing" my thought life, and not let my thought life control me. I want Jesus to be my main character of my story. So that maybe, my sentence of my life will be:

Amy really loved others, like God loved others.

What would your sentence be???? Or what do you want it to be?

will you need to change anything to make sure that your sentence is true?


Sunday, June 10, 2012

A perfect pairing Psalm 118:12-14

Psalm 118:13
I was pushed back and about to fall, but the LORD helped me.
Psalm 118:12-14


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Reading

I love summertime! I love Playing with my kids, the smell of chlorine, suntan oil, and sunblock in the air. Snow cone shack visits, colorful tongues after enjoying snow cones, or Popsicles. As the days grow hotter I look forward to the time of day that I get to enjoy reading a book.

My Summer reading list includes:
1. Working my way through Janet Evanovich book series centered around the character Stephanie Plum.
2. "22 Britannia Road"
3. "Black List" by Brad Thor
4. "Taking on Giants" by Joe Portale
5. "Growing Grateful Kids" by Susie Larson
6. "Obscure no more" by LeAnne Blackmore
7. "Due or Die" by Jenn McKinlay
8. "Sharing the Gift of Encouragement" by Charles Stanley
9. "A Red Herring without a Mustard" by Alan Bradley.

If your looking to find a good read I have read and recommend one of the following books:
1. "Whistling' Dixie in a Nor'easter" by Lisa Patton. It is a fun read about a southern girl who moves to Vermont, and the challenges she faces.

2. "A Secret Gift" by Ted Gup. What an amazing story about a generous gift to many families in Canton during the Depression. This book is based on a true story and will warm your heart. To learn more you can visit this web address: http://www.asecretgiftbook.com/

3. "Just Too Busy" by Joanne Kraft. A very thought provoking, and challenges every mom to take a closer look at her families schedule.

What I would not recommend:

I must be the only woman in America who did not enjoy the book "Fifty Shades of Gray". I found the book very disturbing that a young lady in America would give her freedom over to a man to be controlled and dominated by, all because she desired a sexual relationship with one man she barely knew. The relationship portrayed in the book is a poor imitation of what real love and caring for another person looks like. I did not waste my time reading the other 2 books in the series.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Does Tulsa have spoiled rotten kids?

Parenting.com recently released a survey that babycenter.com conducted over the last three years tracking how much money was spent on food, clothing, electronic items and toys on kids to teens. They released this study labeling the cities that spent the most per a kid as having the most "spoiled" kids. Tulsa, Oklahoma placed in the top 10!

- This study left me scratching my head. Don't get me wrong I do believe that Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to "some" spoiled kids. However, we are just like other communities and towns across America. Some have more material items, some have less, and a lot fall in between.

The study listed Madison, Wi as the city that spent the least per a kid over the last 3 years. When I researched this city, unemployment sky rocketed in 2009. I know as a parent, you may want to buy your kid extra's and new clothes but, (a big but here) if you don't have your regular income coming in, you can't buy extra's that this study tracked.

I noticed that two cities in Texas placed in the top 10. In Oklahoma and Texas much of our economy is based on "Energy" revenue job not manufacturing jobs. I remember watching on the evening news over the last three years and hearing the stories of the common man, "the crisis on main street" is how NBC I believe labeled their coverage of the recession and the cities that were hardest hit. Maybe, just maybe this study does not accurately reflect the countries most spoiled kids, but reflects the towns and cities across America that have been impacted the most during the recession this last 3-4 years.

What do you think? Is your city or state on the list? How has your area weathered the changing economic climate? Have their been drastic changes in your state? I would love to know what you think!
Here is the link to the original article http://www.bundle.com/article/cities-spoil-their-kids-most/

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gilcrease Museum

We went to Gilcrease Museum the other day for the first time in years. It was so much fun for the whole family! I was delighted with our experience at the museum; Gilcrease is located North West of downtown Tulsa.

Gilcrease has galleries of artwork including beautiful breath taking paintings, sculptures, and pieces of Oklahoma history framed for viewing (the expansion of Oklahoma which used to be Indian territory). The museum offers several activities for kids.

First upon entering the museum they offer interactive backpacks that are free to be checked out while you visit for each child. Each backpack consist of different themes and activities as well as things that the kids should keep an eye out to spot during their visit. Gilcrease museum also offers several interactive area for kids. One area is a hands on frontier trading post area.

It includes a canoe the kids can paddle down a interactive video of a river.

The frontier trading post is where kids can play and be themselves. Parents can just relax and watch their kids play.

This area also Includes a paw printing station so kids can learn how animals can be tracked in the wilderness from the different tracks or paw prints they leave behind.

They also have a gallery downstairs that include many Indian artifacts that the kids can use the computers provided to learn more about the artifacts or play games on the computer , which are based on the history of the Indians and Oklahoma.

The grounds of Gilcrease are well maintained and offer many things to delight the whole family.

The grounds include: formal gardens as well as wooded path and pond.

We spent over an hour outside exploring.

The formal gardens are stroller accessible but the wooded area and pond are not.

We spotted 10 turtles that day.

Everyone talked about how much they enjoyed this museum. Each person in our family liked a different activity or aspect of this museum. It is safe to say that this museum was as diverse as our families' likes and interest and entertained us all. What a great way to spend a day! If your looking for something to do in the Tulsa area I would recommend Gilcrease Museum for a day of family time that offers a fun time together.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Taken for granted

I love crosses! I use them in decorating my home and have several necklaces and bracelets that have a cross charm on them. I like the cross, because it reminds me I am saved by grace, and even though it was freely given to me it was bought with a price, Jesus Christ died on the cross for me. I really don't think it's radical to wear my cross necklace.

I don't believe many of us in America think much about it when we see someone wearing a cross necklace, or wearing a cross ring. However, I think as a Christian we should! Are you aware that a law suit is being fought right now in Great Britain over two ladies who were dismissed from their job due to wearing a cross necklace?

CNN reports on their belief blog
"London (CNN) – Christian activists in Britain are furious at the arguments their government will use against them when Europe’s highest court considers whether employees have the right to wear crosses that show over their uniforms.

Britain will argue that the two Christian women at the center of the case had the option of quitting their jobs and working elsewhere, so they are not covered by European human rights law, according to legal papers obtained by CNN.

“Employees who face work requirements incompatible with their faith, and have the option of resigning and seeking alternative employment, cannot claim for a breach of Article 9″ of the European Convention on Human Rights, Britain will argue.

The government will also say that wearing a cross is not a requirement of Christianity, so wearing one in public is not protected by the law." ( you can read the entire article at this web address: http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/12/britain-fights-christians-right-to-wear-cross-infuriating-activists/

Wow! How amazing that they are being denied the right or freedom to wear a cross necklace! If this stands in Great Britain, when will our rights here in America be challenged. I am afraid that the greatest danger to our Christian faith is not apathy, or uncaring attitude it is the attitude of having to be "politically correct" to everyone except a person of Christian religion. The media outcry and negative attacks spewed at Christian people when they discuss what they believe, are shocking. No tolerance is given to a person of faith, for their beliefs if it is against the "politically correctness" of not offending anyone.
I am afraid that our Christian freedoms are being taken away from us very slowly and quietly all under this disguise.

So ladies I encourage you not to take for granted your rights to wear your cross necklaces proudly! Remember what it stands for.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A perfect pairing

The Lord will help you defeat the enemies that come to fight you. They will attack you from one direction, but they will run from you in seven directions. (Deuteronomy 28:7 NCV)



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