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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Call me Maybe: The Family Vacation Dare

Vacation time is almost here, what do you do with teens and kids who are just plugged into an iPhone,Nintendo (insert any electronic device your kid uses here) etc.. for a fun road trip??  How can you lure your kid out from their headphones?

You take a cue from Harvard's Baseball team and the video they posted of "Call me Maybe"
and watch response back from the SMU girls Rowing teams response to that video.

How much Fun!  If you haven't watched them, do so now! (I've posted them below)  Don't wait,  it will make your day!

The Dare:
Now challenge another family, that you know with similar age kids, or heck, Challenge a group of families that you know, or go Bigger and challenge your whole church to make their own fun filled video and have a fun night of snacking, and laughing watching them all, maybe over some home-made ice cream.
I know we issued the Challenge/Dare last night to the other Barnes clan. (I am married to a twin, and we have kids that are stair stepped in age) for them to make their own family video while going on vacation and we will make ours.   Dunt......Dunt........Dah!!!!!(dramatic music here)
   We shall see what happens.  Whose will be the best?  Will we care?

My guess is, this will at least kill 1-2 hours of your ride & along the way you will be making memories with your kids.  The bonus to all that fun, is that you will end up with a great video to keep; of your kids working together, having fun, laughing, all of which is what you wanted to accomplish on that family vacation anyways!!

I would love to see any of the videos that your family makes, please post me a link if you end up making one yourself!  Maybe?

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  1. I sure hope none of the kids kick a hole in the top of the car! It WOULD be funny, but a very expensive video. LOL!



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