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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zebra print dresser and mirror

Here is the project that I started on a previous blog: ta da! Finished!!! Yeah!!!
On the previous blog I showed how I modge podged decorative tissue paper on the above mirror - however when I went back to the store they were out!!! Ahhh!!! was my reaction! Then I stopped and thought about it, and scrap book paper for the dresser drawers would really be a better option since the drawers would be handled every day.
The dresser was off white and yellow. That I sanded down, and painted black (matte finish). Once the dresser was painted I removed the drawer handles and modge podged on the zebra print scrap book paper to each drawer front. Then I painted the drawer handles that were white and gold with black with settled into the lower area and made the drawer handles black and white - which I think really looks cool with the zebra paper.
A teenager will be using the dresser drawer every day with flat irons, and curling irons on top. So I put 3 coats of clear matte varnish on top of the dresser and sides that were painted black, as well as the drawer fronts and mirror.
This project is far from "perfect" but it was fun to do, and salvaged a piece of furniture that was to uncool for a teen room for approx $17.00. Yeah!!! I love when I can salvage furniture and make it fit in a room so perfect that someone would assume it was bought for that very room!


  1. That is a perfect piece for a teenager's room. You should write an illustrated book. Great post!

  2. Looks fabulous! I wouldn't mind a dresser like that for myself! Ya done good, girl!

  3. That is AWESOME!!!!! wow wow wow!!! ♥

  4. How fun! Perfect for a teen. You are very clever.

  5. Looks like a professionally designed room.
    I want you to re-do MY bedroom!

  6. I am considering painting my daughters cabinet in in the same way, but the paper sounds like a faster route to take. What kind of paper is it? What clue did you use to secure it down and what varnish for the top of the paper?



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