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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dieting, PMS. Friends and other Random Thoughts!

Does it seem very fair to you that the female sex is the most concerned about their weight and it seems like most of us are either dieting or exercising most of the time, and we are the sex that has to endure PMS every 4 weeks!! Talk about a diet sabotage!!! I seriously crave chocolate, then salty, and become emotional during PMS which last approx 2-3 days (Thank goodness my family is muttering in the background)
Second random thought I am not a morning person nor am I observant of other people in their vehicles in the morning. I do pay attention to where I am driving, and the location of other said vehicles on the road - I am just not looking at "Who" it is driving those "said" vehicles. So thank goodness my friends do not hold that against me, because I never see anyone wave at me in the morning or after school in the car line for that matter!
Why is it one has to make a Huge mess to get organized or be creative and work on a project. Or is that just me???? Every time I go to work on a craft project to cut fabric, find ribbon, buttons, and plug in the hot glue gun. I have to string it all out and play with it. However in the end order comes from the chaos.
I think is is so odd that you can "face book" with some people, play "words with friends" with some people, but can hardly say 2 words to them in the grocery store. Are we inept at manners? Or are we just desperate for some time of human interaction but forget how to do it without electronic input? Humm.....

Thank goodness for Blogs, drive thru's, and Diet Coke -those are the rambling of me this Wednesday morning. Hope everyone has a great day - Enjoy!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Divorce is such an ugly word. It represents the end of a commitment that is made in front of friends, and family. The end of dreams, and brings into our lives hurt, disappointment, and sometimes depression. It takes 2 people to get married, but it only takes 1 person to decide they want a divorce. Friends and family sometimes can not relate, people want to offer help and don't know how. The christian community struggles to know how to handle this topic. Often no literature can be found on the subject other than "don't do it!". However often the choice for divorce is not mutual. I have never been divorced however some of my loved ones have.
Trying to know what to do for someone who is struggling with a loss is very hard! Especially if you have not gone through it as well! One of my favorite christian authors Denise Hildreth went through a divorce, and writes a wonderful blog that explores life after divorce. It is an honest, soul baring, positive, uplifting blog that I would like others to know about. If you know someone who us going through this difficult time, or if you find yourself in that "season" of life I would encourage you to try Denise's blog! It is located at: www.denisehildreth.typepad.com

I think it is also a wonderful resource! The christian community does not always know how to handle the issue of divorce it is often a taboo topic and finding information regarding life after divorce from a christian viewpoint can be tough! However it is a necessary subject that needs to be tackled- this is a refreshing blog! I applaud anyone who is so honest and revealing!

Even though Denise is honest, and open with the feelings and predicament she finds herself in, her blog also provides encouragement, and information on how to rebuild and navigate your new life being single. I just wanted to share this wonderful blog in case anyone out there might be looking for such a resource or know someone who might benefit from such a blog.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Painters have come to my house!!!

I love to do projects myself - however my living room has a vaulted ceiling (really high!!) so we decided to hire this paint job out! The above picture is my living room almost cleared out, getting ready to prep.

The above picture shows my sample color on the wall along with my White colored railing for my stairs. Well as a mom of 3 girls white railings do not work!!! You can imagine how easy they show dirt!
So I stayed in my bedroom or kitchen for 2 days trying to stay out of the way.

Above is a picture of the finish color of the walls, in Outerbank, and the handrail in Black - Yeah!! I will confess that my husband was very nervous when I told him I wanted this to be painted black, and our moulding is white. I think it turned out pretty nice! What do you think?
I tried to post a close up picture so that you can see the color of the paint. Color is such a hard thing to get to show up in it's true form in photos. I will post more once all the pictures are on the wall, and the furniture is back in.
It is amazing what a coat of paint can do! (That reminds me I better go put some make up on before I have to go pick up the kids!) What did you paint that you were so glad that you did? or what do you need to paint? Are you a paint brush girl or a spray paint girl???

finding time for myself

Finding time for myself hard!! As a mom most of the time I find for myself is early morning - ugh!!! (Give me a cup of coffee!) and late at night (once again - I am tired! Give me a diet coke!) So when?? Well on my ongoing search to continue to find margin in my life (Margin is my word for 2010) I am looking at trying to find time to work out - (after my last blog about back loaf - hum.. I wonder why I feel that I might need that!) So I have determined that the best way to find time is to commit to it my blog.

Nothing like public commitment and being scared of embarrassment to keep you on track. I started on the Hcg diet this week, I have started the Crunch fat burning dance party workout (44 mins - my feet hurt) as you can tell I have a PhD in whining! I am really pretty good at it. The whining will cut down once my body is back in the swing of things, but at the beginning I will warn all - I am a big whiner! My goal is to work out with the dance party work out 3 times, a week and walk 6 days out of 7. I downloaded some neat apps to help me keep track of my calories.

I will have to post updates under my margin updates. (if I could instruct the orchestra to play something dramatic it would be right here) So now I have done what I needed to do post my goal achievement plan (GAP) for short!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have what?

Ok, I admit it - I love comedies on TV!!! I love Courtney Cox's new show "Cougar Town" and I enjoy watching "30 Rock". I love to laugh! It just makes me feel good. However lately those shows have been making me a TVChondriac- what is that you ask?? (well I confess I did make the term up) however I use it to describe: when you hear about something on tv, which makes you crazy or paranoid, that you could have that to??
Well after watching Cougar Town - which did I mention that I just love!! and think Courtney Cox is so cute! ok, now on with the blog... That after Courtney Cox's character is worried about wrinkly elbows - so am I now!!! After Courtney Cox's character is worried about dry, cracked heels and she runs out to get a pedi egg. I did to!!! After hearing about unwanted hair growth - I admit I am a little paranoid that I to could have those things! I whipped out the magnifying mirror - not a pretty site!

This week on 30 Rock, I learned a new term. I had heard of muffin top, but this show introduced me to the term "back loaf" - definition: the loaf of fat between an older woman's panty and bra - AHHHH!!!!!! That has sent me over the edge!!!!!

So now I am plucking hair, grating my heels, lotioning up my elbows, and sticking to my diet - I do not want anything on my body to be described as a bakery product.

So yes, this is enough to send a new 40 something over the cliff - however I like to think that the gentle humor over such things is a allot like the sexy girl in your circle of friends (come on we all have that one friend who is high maintenance!) - that shows up and gently reminds all the other ladies in the group that we need to take some time out and focus a little tender loving care on ourselves!!! I think that this concept could be filed under my theme word for the year "margins", then under the "margins" heading "time management" (or you to could be described as a bakery product -ahhh!!!) sorry I just can't get past this one!

Woo Hoo I am 40!!!

Ok, that is not my exact response a few months ago when I thought about my upcoming birthday. However birthdays are allot like a 9 month pregnant girl who has decided she can not have this baby. It is going to happen whether we want it to or not. So... I decided to embrace it, (it was either that or have a really good cry and who looks good for pictures with her eyes swollen red!) So if I had to turn 40 I thought it was best to set some ground rules with the family. - NO FREAKING SURPRISE PARTY!!!

So why do you ask did I feel I needed to make this clear? Well did I mention that my husband threw me a SURPRISE 30th birthday party - at "OUR HOME"!!!! How does one get ready for a surprise party at her home that she does not even know is going to happen???? Exactly!!! So just in case my husband was not older and wiser himself I thought it was best to throw that one out there!!

So Hubby was wiser this time around and asked me "Where did I "want" (see he learned!!!) to have my party at?" and "What did I want to do for my party?" - Good Man!!! So I let him know after the "No Surprise Party" rule, that I did not want to have it at my house - it is not truly for you, if you have to clean up for it - at least that is what I explained to Brent. So I thought and thought - then picked out a new wine bar here in Tulsa called "Il Bacio" - they have tons of wine and beer on tap!! So if I was going to embrace turning 40 - I wanted to over several glasses of wine!!!

Above is picture of me with some ladies - who I was in a Bunko group with (a.k.a. an excuse for a ladies night out!) also I was in a Dinner group with most of these fab ladies and their hubby's! I so appreciated that they took the time to come out to my party!
(Above is a picture of Il Bacio)

Here I am at my party with some moms from the small town where I live - we are all so different!! However I love that about our group! Everyone needs a variety of friends or life would be boring!

Here I am again at my party with some friends and relatives who knew me way back when Brent and I were just dating. I am so glad that they do not feel the need to tell every embarrassing story that they had on me!!!

Above is a picture of my wonderful husband (he is on the far right) and some of the other hubby's that came out to help me celebrate my birthday.
My husband really did a great job on my party! He took me shopping that day for a new outfit, arranged child care for the evening, sent out invites, ordered and picked up a cake - (not over the hill, but a fun spring theme - smart man I told you!) I had so much fun - if you have to turn 40 - well you might as well do it with a drink in your hand, and surrounded by good friends!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What does this picture make you feel????

The above picture makes me feel relaxed thinking about the sand squishing between my toes, the sun on my skin, the kids all playing. I love it!! The picture also provokes a feeling of excitement and anticipation as we get ready for this summer's vacation. It also strikes a chord inside my chest that ahhh!!! It is 72 days until swimsuit season!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

Well I am going to shop for some cute flip flops, and some new toe nail polish this week, and start my diet all in hopes that I will be loving my reflection in the mirror prior to vacation. So if you are like me, strap on your sense of humor, get out a pad a paper for your food log and "Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!"


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