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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have what?

Ok, I admit it - I love comedies on TV!!! I love Courtney Cox's new show "Cougar Town" and I enjoy watching "30 Rock". I love to laugh! It just makes me feel good. However lately those shows have been making me a TVChondriac- what is that you ask?? (well I confess I did make the term up) however I use it to describe: when you hear about something on tv, which makes you crazy or paranoid, that you could have that to??
Well after watching Cougar Town - which did I mention that I just love!! and think Courtney Cox is so cute! ok, now on with the blog... That after Courtney Cox's character is worried about wrinkly elbows - so am I now!!! After Courtney Cox's character is worried about dry, cracked heels and she runs out to get a pedi egg. I did to!!! After hearing about unwanted hair growth - I admit I am a little paranoid that I to could have those things! I whipped out the magnifying mirror - not a pretty site!

This week on 30 Rock, I learned a new term. I had heard of muffin top, but this show introduced me to the term "back loaf" - definition: the loaf of fat between an older woman's panty and bra - AHHHH!!!!!! That has sent me over the edge!!!!!

So now I am plucking hair, grating my heels, lotioning up my elbows, and sticking to my diet - I do not want anything on my body to be described as a bakery product.

So yes, this is enough to send a new 40 something over the cliff - however I like to think that the gentle humor over such things is a allot like the sexy girl in your circle of friends (come on we all have that one friend who is high maintenance!) - that shows up and gently reminds all the other ladies in the group that we need to take some time out and focus a little tender loving care on ourselves!!! I think that this concept could be filed under my theme word for the year "margins", then under the "margins" heading "time management" (or you to could be described as a bakery product -ahhh!!!) sorry I just can't get past this one!


  1. I'm dying laughing at the term "back loaf." Never heard that one before.

  2. Inspiration comes from the best places.

  3. This is too funny. A "back loaf"? What a funny description.

    Thanks for your sweet comment today on my blog. Make yourself a chalkboard table, pronto! You'll love it, and it will take your mind off of cracked heels :)

  4. Oh my goodness now you've got me thinking about them too. LOL! We love comedy shows! I haven't watched Cougar Town yet but I have heard it's awesome from so many people.

    Have a blessed day my friend. ~Melissa :)

  5. Oh my!
    Oh my!
    Oh my!
    I've got to give myself a body check.
    I may possibly have turned into a bakery product and not even know it!!!

  6. Popped over here from Sweet Tea: Too funny! I just felt my elbows last night and thought, "Where did that come from?"
    Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Well, I have to admit something here. I have never heard the term 'back loaf', but I do have 'back boobs'. :( I once had on a brand new shirt that I really liked and I was feeling pretty good about it. Then when my mom saw me she said "Kelli, you look like you have boobs on your back!" How's that for some motherly love? ;) Anyway, I never got over it. That shirt went to Goodwill and now I refuse to wear clothes that touch me much.

  8. Had heard the term muffin top before...back loaf was a new one...and yes, I looked in the mirror...and there it was....arggh! Back boobs was pretty funny comment too...what an eye opening post...especially for a 50 something. LOL



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