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Friday, January 13, 2012

Miss America watch party

Our household (full of girls) treat the Miss America pageant like others treat the Super Bowl game. We are all a buzz getting ready for our party! Each daughter got to invite a friend for the night. We made up a "watch card" game that after you fill in a row you will get a prize. (sort of like Bingo). We have prediction cards made up, so who ever predicts correctly will receive flowers when the new Miss America is crowned. Special food is called for the special night. We will be serving "Miss America tickled pink punch", Miss Oklahoma twister dogs, & Miss Illinois red hot salsa & chips. (Miss Illinois is a red head & since I have a redhead I always try to point out a pretty redheaded contestant. Since in children movies the redhead is usually the bully or a nerdy kid. I want her to be proud of her beautiful red hair!) We are almost ready for the fun to begin, we are off to buy the sashes & tiara's today. Many of the girls are cheering for Miss Oklahoma, calling themselves "team Betty". So we are a biased crowd, we will be cheering on one contestant more than the others. I will blog more about this party later. Hope you have a great weekend! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. I love the idea of naming the food. I too am hosting a Miss. America party this evening. I invited 52 guests and assigned them each a State. A through L has to bring an appi from their State, M through O Dessert and P through Z Wine. I made paper sashes using adding machine tape and will charge $5.00 at the door. When the first runner up is announced my delegate will receive 65.00 and when the announce the winner my matching at home delegate will receive 200.00 Hope it all goes according to plan. If not, I'm doing your kind of party next year. have fun!

    1. What a great idea!! I love assining a state to each guest, what a neat way to give everyone an interest in the pageant, even if they don't usually find pageants that interesting.

  2. How fun! I kept turning the TV to the pageant and it kept going back to football.

  3. I know, Brent went fleeing from the house to his brother's to guarantee football coverage would be showing.



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