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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Apps can help

While on my weight loss journey I have been open to try to use technology to reach my goal. I have tried some great apps, and some that did nothing for me apps on my iPhone. So I thought I would share some. Lose it, is my favorite app (also available on line!!!) to track calories and exercise for FREE!!! It's a life saver!

I have discovered that "water apps" apps that track the amount of water you drink a day, are SO not created equal!!!!! I love the daily water app (it is available for .99 from iTunes) it is worth every penny! Simple & easy to use and will text you (you set the when & how many times the app should send you a "reminder" text to drink your water). So important!! Because I get up and think "today I am going to be good & drink 8 glasses of water". Then as the day goes along I get busy & forget!!! I don't think about it again until 9pm. (I think that's a little late to be trying to get in 5 glasses of water!) So now I get text during the busy times & I go "I need to drink some water!". I may not hit my goal every day, but I am so more likely to drink a lot more water then on my own.

Action method app, & Getting Dreams done were apps I tried after reading a good review on. I found that getting dreams done is not an app that is ideal for weight loss, it is a good app but not for what I was trying to use it for. Action method is good for small business etc.. But also not for personal weight loss application, in my opinion. When struggling for weight loss I love any help from anyplace that I can. Hope the above reviews help you on your journey. Remember just keep going down the road & we will get there!!! using BlogPress from my iPhone

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  1. I never knew there was such a thing as a water app. Thank you for the information. I do have the Lose It app. However, it doesn't help if I don't use it. Ha!

    Do you use My Fitness Pal with Jonni? She's done really well with it.



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