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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How do you show love?

       How do you show love?  Some people we know how to show love to. Our kids, our husbands, our parents they are the easiest to show love to and we have had the most experience at giving them love.  However, how do you show love to a neighbor, a co-worker, a judgemental in-law, the cranky mom you bump into at your kids practice?

   I believe Love is a verb, an action.  So how do you show love?  I think reading the book "the five love language" helped me not only to understand how I receive love but also understand better how others receive love.  

    A thoughtful gesture of bringing baked goods, sending a card or letter, works for some but so does the gift of having a listening ear, giving a hug to a widow, to letting someone go first in line ahead of you. Offering the gift of forgiveness, or the gift of friendship. 

Sometimes love is just showing up for someone else.  Even if you have nothing really in common.  Has someone surprised you with a gift of love or have you worked on giving someone else love even if they were unlovable?  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Winner of the "God is able" giveaway

Bethany from my Instagram won the giveaway.  Bethany's IG name is: @bschackow congrats Bethany!!!

Here is a pic announcing the winner on Instagram.  Thank you for everyone who entered. I will have another give away coming up soon. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

"God is Able" book review

    Have you had any girl time lately?  Where you have gotten away for some uninterrupted girl talk?  I'm not sure how your "girl talk" time goes, but my favorite time is when I meet my best friend for a cup of coffee or tea and we just talk, listen and laugh.   You leave the encounter feeling refreshed, encouraged and so tankful that you are not the only one who _____________________ (fill in the blank here, some examples might be:  has a kid who has found a sharpie marker, dealt with a 2 year old or maybe is raising a teenager. Whatever it is, you get me).  This time spent with a friend leaves me encouraged & with a warm fuzzy feeling.  This book starts out the same way.  Priscilla writes like she is sitting on your couch, feet tucked up under her, holding a cup a coffee and shares from her heart to you about what you really, really believe, think and trust about God and what he is able to do and willing to do.   
     This book explores and verbalizes the exact same questions about God that you have at least thought about, even if your quickly brushed it from your thoughts or even felt a little guilty for wondering that about God.   This book connects with at & on your most vulnerable level and then after you gasp and think "you to ?!?" This book will change your prayer life and make you not only awe struck of our God but also leave you with the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are loved by this amazing God. So go ahead get you that hot cup of coffee or tea and sit down and read this book! 

Give away time:  I am giving away a copy of this book, a starbuck's gift card, 3 flavored of chap sticks (cake batter, candy cane, & gingerbread) 3 coffee cozies (thankful heart for thanksgiving, winter wonderland sparkly white, and an IG cozy), a box of Twining Chai spiced apple tea, and some other goodies as well!!

Just leave a comment here or on IG to be entered for the giveaway, telling me what you are thankful for this November. 

I will announce the winner on Sunday, good luck! 


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