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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How do you show love?

       How do you show love?  Some people we know how to show love to. Our kids, our husbands, our parents they are the easiest to show love to and we have had the most experience at giving them love.  However, how do you show love to a neighbor, a co-worker, a judgemental in-law, the cranky mom you bump into at your kids practice?

   I believe Love is a verb, an action.  So how do you show love?  I think reading the book "the five love language" helped me not only to understand how I receive love but also understand better how others receive love.  

    A thoughtful gesture of bringing baked goods, sending a card or letter, works for some but so does the gift of having a listening ear, giving a hug to a widow, to letting someone go first in line ahead of you. Offering the gift of forgiveness, or the gift of friendship. 

Sometimes love is just showing up for someone else.  Even if you have nothing really in common.  Has someone surprised you with a gift of love or have you worked on giving someone else love even if they were unlovable?  

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