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Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1st! And how are you feeling?

So it has begun, we have turned the calendar page and finally have arrived on December 1st.  How does December make you feel: excited, giddy, awestruck, childlike, stressed, overwhelmed, sad, longing, desperate?

I will tell you a secret, Christmas season has made me feel all of the above.  I have seen Christmas through the eyes of a child, I have celebrated Christmas with a heart that has missed a loved one who is no longer with us, I have gone through the season worried about how I was going to purchase or have time to make gifts, I have felt stressed trying to do it all, trying to do everything.  Well let me tell what I have learned.

1)  Martha Stewart is not still married, & I have never seen an interview done with her & a best friend.   No one relates to perfect and perfect appears to be lonely.

2) Do you remember every gift you received last year?  How about the year before?  It's not all about the gifts.

3)  Honor those who have passed, by being "here now" with those you love
And care about

4)  Focus on why we really celebrate Christmas!  Set time aside to read the scripture, choose to listen to Christian Christmas music, and keep your that in mind when choosing how to decorate your space.

5) Take control of your schedule, plan ahead and make sure you do the things you & your family enjoy doing.  Put it on the calendar, & learn to tell other people "no, we already have plans".

6)  I polled my kids & found out what traditions were important to them & and what to let go of.  DON'T Over schedule you or your family.  Plan in downtime

7)  find a great bible study or book that focuses on the real reason we do Christmas (examples:  shereadstruth.com or Ann Voskamp, & Liz Curtis Higgs has new Christmas books out)  keep your thoughts centered on that! (And I  fast forward through commercial's on TV this time of year.  They can sabotage my sense of contentment)

Hope you enjoy celebrating Advent this December!!


  1. I think you may be one of the few who get it!!

  2. Thanks for a thought provoking post. May your Christmas season be full of blessings!

  3. I marvel at how wise you are.
    What a great mother, wife, and "daughter"
    (and Granddaughter) you are.



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