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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project Runway Birthday Party!

Well Paige my Fashionista wanted to have a birthday party for her 10th birthday and when asked what theme she wanted to do of course she picked her favorite show "Project Runway".

So we made our guest list, and used the color theme of pink and green (maybe not traditional the colors that come to mind when you hear "Project Runway" but it was for a 10 year old girls birthday so in the words of Tim Gunn I had to "make it work"

We divided the girls into 2 teams! I gave each team a Paper bag. In each bag was: a trash bag, decorative tape, stapler, safety pins, different colored felt u, and ribbon. Each team had 20 Min's to make a dress from the materials provided to them. We sent each team to a different room so they would not be influenced by the other team. Above our the pictures of the results of the two teams hard work- Fabulous!!!

Next each team had to select another model to send to the "Loreal studio" so their models could get their hair done. However for this game we made each "model" wear a party hat that had been covered with shaving cream and the girls from their teams had to toss bugles and see if they could get them to stick. The team with the most bugles on their hat won this game! This game was fun, but had to be immediately picked up since we played it inside.

We played one other game but it really did not have anything to do with project runway I just knew that these girls would have lots of energy this night! (you see my daughters birthday fell on Homecoming weekend, and we live in a small town- so...what's a mom to do, we MADE IT WORKED!! So prior to the games of the evening we went to the Big game in town that night, and stayed until half time then came home to Party!) The last game we played was move that M&M. I gave each girl one straw and a paper cup. Then divided the girls up into 3's. In front of each group of 3 I placed a large bowl of M&M's. Each girl then was to try to move as many M&M's from the big bowl to her cup using just her straw (and her mouth by sucking up the M&M to the straw and keeping the suction going until she had lined up her straw over her cup to release the M&M there) The girl at the end of a minute who had the most M&M's won the game.

Here is a picture of the girls at the football game at the beginning of the night! Paige had a lot of fun! and so did I!


  1. Wow, the party looks amazing!!! I'm a clothing designer, but my creativity ends at fabric. You did a great job!! =)
    Kristina J.

  2. LOVE this!! My Abby Lou wants to be a Fashion Designer when she grows up so this is right up her alley!!!! :)

  3. Amy, I just have to say "wow!" about the birthday party. You are so creative! It looks like the girls had a blast. If you ever want to go into the birthday party planning business together, let me know. :)

  4. would like to fuck her.

  5. she is 16 now, she has had plenty of dick up her.


  7. Oh wow, this Project Runway Birthday Party was such a blast. That game was also great. I would like to add this to my daughter’s upcoming birthday. You know I was in exact need of ideas to make it joyful. Hey, it will be great if you could help in finding affordable Los Angeles event venues as well.



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