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Monday, October 4, 2010

We've got spirit how about you? T-shirt dress how to

It's homecoming week in our town! That means everyone is wanting to show some spirit!! My daughter spied a cute t-shirt dress in a boutique for another school (did I mention said dress was for sale for $50.00 - no thank you!) so I made a deal with my daughter, we would go to the local t-shirt store and buy a t-shirt, that we had a decal ironed on the bottom left hand side of the t-shirt (yes the store thought we were odd) and I came home and chopped up the t-shirt to make it into the above spirit dress! (all for about $18.00)

Let me apologize!!! I forgot to take some pictures of my sewing so I drew this horrible, Yes - horrible drawing so that you could visualize how I cut up the tshirt (I cut off the sleeves, and cut a straight line from across the top taking off the neckline on the front and back of the t-shirt. SAVE THE SLEEVES!!!!! You are going to cut the sleeve open along the seam at the bottom of the sleeve - each sleeve will make part of the tube top!! One sleeve will be the front of the tube dress and the other sleeve will be the back of the tube dress)

Ok, now for some more information:
1. Cut up tshirt
2. sew up the sides where the sleeves used to be
3. add a casing at the top for elastic -we used the measurement right below the breast for my daughters dress
4. Insert elastic into casing
5. open up sleeves and putting wrong sides together sew up sides to make the top of the tube dress (fit here might sew alot or a little depending how busty your model is)
6. attach tube to skirt. (I sewed the tube to the dress at the bottom of the casing to hide any stitching) then took the excess remaining fabric that was left over from cutting off the neckline, and used it to make 2 straps to make a spaghetti straps to the dress. Easy peasy! Took me approx 3 hours from cutting, sewing and fitting to finish dress (we added the belt for edge)


  1. That is TOO cool! And your model is absolutely lovely. :) I'm gonna have to make one of these for my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration and the instructions! :)

  2. Awesome! Soo going to use this one. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Amy ~ U ROCK!! That is FABULOUS!



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