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Thursday, October 14, 2010

We love Chickenhead man!!! and other great things about small towns!

Above are pictures of the teenage boy that my family has dubed the "Chickenhead man" ! Let me tell you he and his buddy's add such enthusiasm to our Friday night light experience! The younger kids look at them with awe and are thrilled when they get a wave from one of these gentleman. They come with their bodies painted and run the flag the length of the football field right in front of the stands - Everyone goes crazy yelling and cheering!!

Before the game they invite all the kids and youth in the stands to come down on the football field and line up to cheer on the football team as they run onto the field!


Our town has a "homecoming parade" earlier in the week where all the homecoming attendants ride in cars, and every cheer leading and football team from Glenpool 1st grade through high school get to ride in floats and throw candy and beads to the crowd. It is a fun night! My kids usually leave with way, way to much candy!!

The school provides fun "themes" for the week to encourage participation for all kids. Above is a picture of my oldest daughter and her friend when they dressed for "twin" day.

I love being part of a small town that provides such a feeling of knowing not only your kids, and your kids friends, but the other people that live in the town as well! I am not a huge football fan, but I love to people watch- and there is no better seat in town then at a Friday night football game in a small town!

Does your town have fun traditions? Is there an event you enjoy people watching at? or do you like to feel like your the one everyone else is watching? Hope you all have a good day!

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  1. Chicken head man is my nephew and his friends. lol. I can get his autograph for you. I have to tell his dad about his internet debut.



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