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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Modge Podge mirror for twen's room

All my girls decided the other day to switch bedrooms. I thought - what a great idea all the rooms will get "deep" cleaned without the girls be aware they had to clean-so I said "sure". Well little did I realize that this switching would be a little like the book, if you give a pig a pancake, or if you give a mouse a cookie. One thing lead to another, to another, to another and before you know it I am modge podging furniture and painting walls -ahhh!!

well the above mirror had been painted white and hung in my littlest girls bedroom for the last 3 years, however with the change (my only rule was the beds had to stay put in the room they were currently in) My oldest the tween
inherited the mirror and thought she would enjoy it - if it wasn't so plain. Her bedroom is being done in lavender and Zebra print. So I ran and purchased some Zebra tissue paper from Walmart in the gift wrapping area.

I modge podged the section of the mirror frame I was covering, modge podge the back of the tissue paper I was about to apply (Yes, I am particular, I would try to trace the shape of the mirror and cut the tissue paper to place in certain areas). After the tissue paper had been applied, and a few minutes had gone by where the paper wasn't just soaking wet and easily torn- I applied modge podge over the top of the applied paper to provide a protective coat. The whole project took about 2 1/2 hours to complete. Still trying to decide If I should apply a coat of lacquer over it.

(I started painting the dresser to match and have ran back to Walmart to buy more Zebra paper to modge podge the front of the drawers and ahhh!!! My walmart is out - ahhahhhh!!!!! So I am going paper hunting later today -when that project is completed I will post pic of it - wich me luck!!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Real housewives of New Jersey

Well I have a guilty pleasure -what is it you might ask? Well it is pouring me a Coke Zero and curling up in my big comfy chair and watching Bravo's hit show "Real House wives of New Jersey". These girls are so much fun! Most of them are family oriented, some are very into mothering, some are very into decorating, some are into trying to balance everything in there life, and one I'm not sure I would be friends with if given a choice.

However since I love this show I decided to search the web and found that each of the housewives has a blog of their own that is on the Bravo network website. Which I was so excited to read-However I was horrified!!! Horrified I tell you when I started to read some of the comments left to these ladies!! It always amazes me how people find it so easy to be Rude and say things (well type things) that they would never say face to face to this individual if given the chance. How sad that people can not find the creativity to express themselves in a nice manner, and to tactiful get their point across!

Ok, I am getting off my soap box for now! I have been so very busy this week I can't wait to show you the pictures of all the projects I have been doing-I promise more will come ,but I do have to admit between projects, and my kiddos being home for summer I have not been blogging every day -it's down to about 2/3 times a week -sorry please stick with me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Well I am going to blog today about 2 Fathers that I know personally. One is my own, the other Father is the man I am married to = the father of my children.

My Dad is a great Father - however I did not fully understand or appreciate how wonderful and unique he was until I got older. Why, is that you ask. Well I am the only girl in my family (While I was growing up - my parents have since adopted and I now have a younger sister). I was raised with all brothers - and did not really understand that some families separate the kids based on sex in different activities. For example, some of my girlfriend who have children of different sexes send the boys out with dad and the mom takes the girls - in about every activity! Well that did not happen while we were growing up, if my Dad was taking the kids to the movies, I went. (I have great memories of waiting to see the midnight showing of the Empire Strikes Back in a crowded Movie Theatre lobby). My Dad came to my gymnastic classes and watched my classes - just as much as he went to my brother's baseball and basketball practices. Now my Dad did do something with us each separately - my Dad always took me on a "date" once a year -so that I would know how I should expect to be treated by a boy out on a date! Also my Dad was verbal- he always told me he loved me, and wrote all of us kids notes on post it notes that he would decorate the bathroom mirror or the bar area of our kitchen where we would eat our breakfast, with encouraging notes if we had try-outs, or big test. I have since learned thru adult girlfriends that there Dad's only told them that they "loved them" on the day of their wedding. My dad told me he loved every time I got out of the car, or off the phone (Even in my teen years when I rolled my eyes) I now know how truly blessed I was and what a great gift it is to feel truly loved =even when you are acting unlovable or just feel unlovable! (My dad still remembers me every year on Valentine's day)

The second Father I want to blog about is my hubby! I remember when Brent and I got engaged my mom talking to me about Brent, and the seriousness of marriage -did I love Brent? Would he be a good father to our kids. and I remember telling my mom that I thought Brent would be good with kids- that he was kind, loving, patient, and funny. I also remember when we first got married Brent would go "I know no one will ever be as good as your dad is." Well who would have guessed 14 1/2 years later that we would have been blessed with 3 beautiful girls (all different in personality). Brent is a great Dad! He is not afraid to try to do ponytails, paint toes, listen to them talk about boys,(even though that can drive him crazy) he takes them to star wars, star trek as well as the the movies kid movies such as up, and the night of the museum 2. Brent takes time out each school year to go up and eat with each girl once a year just so they know he loves them and thinks that they are important. Brent is very protective of his girls and talks to them, and teaches that they are precious and boys should be respectful of them. Brent takes each of our daughters out on a date each year just like my dad with me. Brent is funny and his humor helps keep things from getting to serious in a hormone high house filled to the brim with girls. I love that Brent just like my Dad verbally tells his girls that he loves them at the end of each day. I laugh and tell him, do you remember how it drove you crazy that my dad had set the bar so high on how to treat his daughter. Well now you will one day have 3 son in laws that will go ugh! I know your dad is wonderful, and they will have to work hard to love your daughters like they should be loved and treated.

I know many times on Father's Day the pastor at church will focus his sermon on the Father/Son relationship. However the Father/Daughter relationship should not go overlooked! That Father's play an important role in their daughters life. Father's leave a legacy to their daughters on how they should be treated! What is a more important legacy than love! We all need to know that we are loved! How special is that to know that even as we loose teeth, go thru puberty, or have our hearts broken, that we are loved just for ourselves! Dad's are wonderful things that bless our lives if you are lucky enough to have yours make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them!!

I love you Dad, thanks for always being there for me!

I love you Brent -thanks for being a Father that is always there for his daughters!

Happy Father's Day everyone!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boiled Peanuts!!

The above is a picture of what a boiled peanut looks like. Why, you ask yourself am I blogging about boiled peanuts? Well I love reading christian novels by author Denise Hildreth. (some names of her books are: Savannah from Savannah, Savannah comes Undone, Savannah by the sea,). Denise's books Alas (so far at least) has a main character from the South - and in her books she describes the beauty and novelty of living in the south.

One such novelty Denise covers is "boiled peanuts". I for one had never heard of such a thing! So on our vacation thru several southern states while making our way to Florida - I looked for boiled peanuts. Yep, sure enough they sale them in convenience stores as well as side of the road (Yes, you heard me right) fruit stands. I had visions that they shelled the peanuts and boiled them like beans - but no! Notice the picture above they boil the entire peanut (imagine my surprise) They also come in 2 flavors 1)plain, and 2) Cajun

Here is a picture as I am about to try one. (Now I did have to ask how to eat them - I was unsure -do I eat the entire peanut shell and all - after all that is how they are cooked! I found out that the answer is no. You take the hot, kinda still wet peanut and tear the shell off of it, and eat the boiled peanut. The consistency of a boiled peanut reminds me along the same lines of a boiled bean - but with a totally different taste!
Well I tried the plain kind - and I would give it a 4 or just okay for flavor, but I would give it a 10 in trying something new. (next time I think I will try the Cajun flavor!)

Have any on you ever heard of boiled peanuts before? Did you like them? I encourage you to try something new, at least every 3 months! It keeps life interesting and fresh! (maybe even you!) What have you tried lately????

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunscreen to Sunless tanners here is the scoop!

Ok, girls I am back from vacation and I am now in the know (of a few things). Two of the things that I am in the know about are 1)sunscreen and 2)the best self tanner in the world!

First off a word of warning about the new spray sunblocks: The new spray sunblocks do work, however a can of spray used for 2 people will last about 1 1/2 to 2 days, at least this has been my experience! Why do you need to know this - well for 2 reasons: one if you like to buy your sunblock before you leave home for your vacation you need to know that this spray can does not last as long as the old fashioned lotion sunblock. Also you might decide to use a combo method, what is that you ask? Well if you are a tight wad and do not want to spend $10.00 on a can of spray sunblock every 2 days but the convenience of the spray while on the beach is amazing -(you can spray over sand attached to the skin) You can start in the morning at home, or in the condo, or hotel with the old fashioned lotion sunblock
Then later in the day re apply with the more "costly" spray sunblock (The spray sunblock in more costly because it does not last as long as a bottle of the lotion)

Last but not least - let me share my new found secret! (Keep in mind that I am a Red head and have never tanned!!!) Oh I love my red hair, but I so hate being the whitest girl by the pool or on the beach! Well girls here is my new product - it is called "FAUX TAN" by Bare Essentials - it runs approx $22.00 and can be found at Ulta stores or Sephoria or online! This self tanner is to die for!!! Warning you need to wear gloves while applying this self tanner it is that good!!!! It gives a real "brown" look to the skin, not an orange color. As well as this product does not leave your skin smelling funky!!!! I am in love with this new product and I am not receiving anything for the products I have warned or bragged about today!

I hope this helps you all stay tanned and sunburned free! Spread the word, see ya all tomorrow!

Friday, June 5, 2009


gone on vacation - will be back to tell you my favorite new self tanner!  (let me tell you I went thru several of them until I found one that can make a redhead tan!  I have never been this color before!) as well as to review 2 hungry girl cook books!  (I have tried several recipes from 2 new books and I can't wait to share!!)  However I have frantically cleaned the house, painted all of the girls in my house (4 if you include me) toes, fingers, de haired, selftanned, and now got to go primp and run to the store for 4 last minute things and I will see you all when I get back into town!!!  Hope you all have a great week this summer and enjoy the beautiful summer weather and a glass of either sweet tea or lemonade!!  Be back next week!


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