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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Well I am going to blog today about 2 Fathers that I know personally. One is my own, the other Father is the man I am married to = the father of my children.

My Dad is a great Father - however I did not fully understand or appreciate how wonderful and unique he was until I got older. Why, is that you ask. Well I am the only girl in my family (While I was growing up - my parents have since adopted and I now have a younger sister). I was raised with all brothers - and did not really understand that some families separate the kids based on sex in different activities. For example, some of my girlfriend who have children of different sexes send the boys out with dad and the mom takes the girls - in about every activity! Well that did not happen while we were growing up, if my Dad was taking the kids to the movies, I went. (I have great memories of waiting to see the midnight showing of the Empire Strikes Back in a crowded Movie Theatre lobby). My Dad came to my gymnastic classes and watched my classes - just as much as he went to my brother's baseball and basketball practices. Now my Dad did do something with us each separately - my Dad always took me on a "date" once a year -so that I would know how I should expect to be treated by a boy out on a date! Also my Dad was verbal- he always told me he loved me, and wrote all of us kids notes on post it notes that he would decorate the bathroom mirror or the bar area of our kitchen where we would eat our breakfast, with encouraging notes if we had try-outs, or big test. I have since learned thru adult girlfriends that there Dad's only told them that they "loved them" on the day of their wedding. My dad told me he loved every time I got out of the car, or off the phone (Even in my teen years when I rolled my eyes) I now know how truly blessed I was and what a great gift it is to feel truly loved =even when you are acting unlovable or just feel unlovable! (My dad still remembers me every year on Valentine's day)

The second Father I want to blog about is my hubby! I remember when Brent and I got engaged my mom talking to me about Brent, and the seriousness of marriage -did I love Brent? Would he be a good father to our kids. and I remember telling my mom that I thought Brent would be good with kids- that he was kind, loving, patient, and funny. I also remember when we first got married Brent would go "I know no one will ever be as good as your dad is." Well who would have guessed 14 1/2 years later that we would have been blessed with 3 beautiful girls (all different in personality). Brent is a great Dad! He is not afraid to try to do ponytails, paint toes, listen to them talk about boys,(even though that can drive him crazy) he takes them to star wars, star trek as well as the the movies kid movies such as up, and the night of the museum 2. Brent takes time out each school year to go up and eat with each girl once a year just so they know he loves them and thinks that they are important. Brent is very protective of his girls and talks to them, and teaches that they are precious and boys should be respectful of them. Brent takes each of our daughters out on a date each year just like my dad with me. Brent is funny and his humor helps keep things from getting to serious in a hormone high house filled to the brim with girls. I love that Brent just like my Dad verbally tells his girls that he loves them at the end of each day. I laugh and tell him, do you remember how it drove you crazy that my dad had set the bar so high on how to treat his daughter. Well now you will one day have 3 son in laws that will go ugh! I know your dad is wonderful, and they will have to work hard to love your daughters like they should be loved and treated.

I know many times on Father's Day the pastor at church will focus his sermon on the Father/Son relationship. However the Father/Daughter relationship should not go overlooked! That Father's play an important role in their daughters life. Father's leave a legacy to their daughters on how they should be treated! What is a more important legacy than love! We all need to know that we are loved! How special is that to know that even as we loose teeth, go thru puberty, or have our hearts broken, that we are loved just for ourselves! Dad's are wonderful things that bless our lives if you are lucky enough to have yours make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them!!

I love you Dad, thanks for always being there for me!

I love you Brent -thanks for being a Father that is always there for his daughters!

Happy Father's Day everyone!


  1. Aren't we lucky to have such a terrific father? I know how Brent feels - it is a legacy to live up to!

    I'm very glad Brent is indeed living up to it. I am always very happy to see how great he is with my lovely nieces. We really can't ask for a better start in this world than having great parents. We lucked out, and so did your daughters!

    EVERY child needs to hear how much they are loved, and fathers should know that being male does not excuse them from telling the kids!

    How blessed we are, and how blessed your children are!

    Thanks for the great post, Amy!

    - Grey

  2. The father/daughter relationship is so crucial. How wonderful that you have been blessed with two wonderful men.



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