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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunscreen to Sunless tanners here is the scoop!

Ok, girls I am back from vacation and I am now in the know (of a few things). Two of the things that I am in the know about are 1)sunscreen and 2)the best self tanner in the world!

First off a word of warning about the new spray sunblocks: The new spray sunblocks do work, however a can of spray used for 2 people will last about 1 1/2 to 2 days, at least this has been my experience! Why do you need to know this - well for 2 reasons: one if you like to buy your sunblock before you leave home for your vacation you need to know that this spray can does not last as long as the old fashioned lotion sunblock. Also you might decide to use a combo method, what is that you ask? Well if you are a tight wad and do not want to spend $10.00 on a can of spray sunblock every 2 days but the convenience of the spray while on the beach is amazing -(you can spray over sand attached to the skin) You can start in the morning at home, or in the condo, or hotel with the old fashioned lotion sunblock
Then later in the day re apply with the more "costly" spray sunblock (The spray sunblock in more costly because it does not last as long as a bottle of the lotion)

Last but not least - let me share my new found secret! (Keep in mind that I am a Red head and have never tanned!!!) Oh I love my red hair, but I so hate being the whitest girl by the pool or on the beach! Well girls here is my new product - it is called "FAUX TAN" by Bare Essentials - it runs approx $22.00 and can be found at Ulta stores or Sephoria or online! This self tanner is to die for!!! Warning you need to wear gloves while applying this self tanner it is that good!!!! It gives a real "brown" look to the skin, not an orange color. As well as this product does not leave your skin smelling funky!!!! I am in love with this new product and I am not receiving anything for the products I have warned or bragged about today!

I hope this helps you all stay tanned and sunburned free! Spread the word, see ya all tomorrow!


  1. I want me some of that "Faux Tan"!
    Great info!!

  2. Have you tried a spray tan? Works well right before a vacation.
    I'm gonna try that Faux Tan!
    Girl, you can sit next to me by the pool. If you are whiter than me it won't be by much! Michael has never once had a tan line. EVER.

  3. I sure do appreciate this valuable information. I use the Faux Tan minerals on my face since I never let that part of me tan, and that is amazing, how well it works. Now I will try the spray tan. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is good stuff!! I haven't seen the spray on sunscreens yet, I will stay away from them.

  5. I just bought some spray sunscreen for us to take to the beach to use later in the day - just like you described. I am so glad you told me it doesn't last long. I will need to buy more.



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