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Friday, May 27, 2011

down 47.5 pounds

So the journey began with one step. Stepping out in faith that I could accomplish what seemed impossible: lose weight. I have been on this journey for about 5 months now. This far down the road I do think I will be able to now reach my destination.
Above is a picture of me on New Year's Eve (my heaviest 249)

Above is a picture of me weighing 222. (going down!)
Above is a picture of me weighing in at 202 pounds.
Well here I am this week getting ready for my body pump class. (sorry the picture is not my best) I am down a total of 47.5 as of today. Yeah! I am closely approaching my second goal which is 199, (I am 3 pounds away from reaching this goal).

I have decided to break my total weight loss down into mini goals to help me stay focused and positive. My first goal was reaching 215. My second goal is 199. The third goal I have set is 175. That is as far as I can focus "out" on the future, right now. Anything further just starts to seem unreal. Which is why I decided to focus on mini goals, instead of the huge end number of losing a 100 pounds. My mind just can't wrap itself around that number or what that might look like right now. (my momma always told me "how do you eat an elephant? bite, by bite, by bite". So here's to taking small bites out of my weight loss journey!)

I hit a plateau this last 2 weeks. I have tried to stay positive, and just keep moving. I added a step aerobics class this last 2 weeks. (The first week I could barely move the next day.) I was very sore, but the class was so much fun. I went back for my second week yesterday. I am happy to report that I am not nearly as sore as I was last week - yeah! This is such an accomplishment for me. I do not think I would have been capable of doing an hour long step class in January when I started my weight loss journey. I feel that I have grown stronger, increased my stamina, and it is just easier to move being 47.5 pounds lighter. So with all this in mind, I will continue on, walking down the road towards my weight loss goal!

Well I hope everyone has a great Memorial day weekend! Stay safe & have fun!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you a lover?

I love the TV show "The good wife" on CBS! The beautiful Julianna Margulies plays a character named Alicia Florrick, whose husband has an affair while holding a public office. The show has offered insight as to how difficult and hurt a wife would be to find her self in this position, let alone also in the public spotlight. I can not imagine even trying to handle some of the things that her character has found herself dealing with, as well as trying to explain them to her children. The show really keeps you guessing and it is a fun show to watch! Fans of the show have different views and opinions as to what "Alicia Florrick" should do in the story. The television show is packed full of relationship drama as well as legal drama.

I thought about the show "The good wife" this last 2 weeks while I was reading the book "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. The book is a retelling of the book of Hosea. It brings to life the characters in the book, and what they must have felt personally to endure such problems in the their lives. To have to struggle with betrayal, hurt, and forgiveness. I thought as I pondered and read the book, "How would I handle this situation"? More often than not as much as I would have loved to say I would be able to show forgiveness and love, I'm not sure exactly what I would have done. I think my gut reaction to hurt, is to hurt back or withdrawal and cut those types of people out of my life. However as I continued to read the wonderful book by Francine River all I could think was

Isaiah 55:8 (New International Version)

8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the LORD.

"Lord, that is so true! Your thoughts are not my natural thoughts, your ways are not my natural response. Please Lord, help me to be more like you. Let me be able to forgive those who hurt me. Let me be able to continue to show kindness to those who are rude, and unkind." I am not a natural lover, unless you count my children who it is easy for me to forgive. Others who are careless with my feelings, or those that hurt my kids feeling are much harder for me to forgive. Do you find it easy to love, really love the people in your life you bump into? Do you forgive easy?

Well, if you are busy making your list for summer and have not read the book "Redeeming Love" you must add this one to your summer reading list.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's happening in my neck of the woods.. sometimes a girl has to liv a little

What is happening in my neck of the woods. I am joining the ladies over at Real Housewives of Oklahoma for a linky party today. Well, In my neck of the woods, if you find yourself free with an afternoon to go shopping head over to the Jenk, Ok. There on main street is the cutest little boutique -with literally everything you would Love to have, and nothing you really need. (Does that not just scream your name!) This cute store is called "Liv a Little Boutique" it is located 201 E Main st in Jenks, Ok. There phone number is: 918 629-9495.

The store carries several one of kind item. You can get several items necklaces, dresses, and bags custom ordered. This is a fun store that carries all type of jewelry, books, candles, and gift items galore. It carries OU, OSU, TU, and cute Jenks merchandise. Young, and younger girls would enjoy this store. It is one of my daughters and mine favorite way to kill an hour, and leave with some cute bling! The store also provides complimentary cute gift wrap for those last minute gift items that you pick up. (can you say "Life saver!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A great app! fooducate

Well those of you who know that I am on a weight loss journey know that I love the app, "lose it" (it can also be used on your computer at www.loseit.com to help track of your calorie intake and your weight loss goals. Well during the last 4 weeks I have been trying to educate myself on good nutrition, wise choices etc.. I have come along way baby! However, I am still a relative newbie to making the best choices at the super market when faced with a long shelf filled with similar products. It can be mind boggling! Overwhelming how different companies use descriptive phrases on the front of packaging.

I was told by a dear friend the other day about this fab app, that also has a blog that you can follow that tries to educate people about the best choices when picking out food. It is called "fooducate" you can find their blog by clicking on fooducateblog. This link will take you to their blog. The app also allows you to use your iphone camera to scan the bar code found on the food you are considering. It tells you if it is good choice or bad. It also gives you a better alternative for the food that you are looking at, if you are shocked at the bad score that the item received.

You must check out this blog, and the best news is that the app was free from the app store!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My favorite "Faux" dessert right now

Well the temperature is starting to warm up outside. I have been on a diet now for about 4 and 1/2 months. I have lost 44 pounds. (Yeah!) However, I tell you what -momma needs something sweet from time to time! This may sound so very simple (and it is!) and it is my new "fav" drink in the afternoon! I fill one large, cup with ice. Pour about a cap full of "vanilla sugar free syrup" found on the coffee aisle in the cup. Then fill glass with "diet root beer" -Ah! I tell you it taste just like a root beer float, but with none of the calories! Whew!

Yes, I know some substitute artificial sweeteners are not the best for you. I acknowledge this. However I also acknowledge that I have been dieting for 4 & 1/2 months and I need to taste something that taste like an indulgence every once and a while without blowing all the hard work that I have accomplished, and still need to complete (44 pounds down, 54 to go!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese new commercial What are they really selling to our kids?

This commercial is horrible! The company is trying to market this product to our children (which mine love!) with behavior that is not funny no matter how you portray it! Stealing is a crime, and I do not want my children to think it is OK, no matter what the situation is, to take somebody else's stuff and sell it a pawn shop.
In the real world some families have to deal with the heartbreak of teens that are on drug who do exactly the behavior demonstrated in this commercial. It can be heartbreaking, and sad for families that are dealing with such a betrayal of trust. Kraft has always been such a family orientated company. I hope they realize that this commercial is not funny and lacks moral value that we as parents don't want our children to imitate. If you agree please find the Kraft macaroni & cheese page on facebook, and let them know as a parent you do not approve of the way they are trying to market their product.

"younger sexier you" book review

Well while I have been on my "weight loss journey", one of the ways I have tried to stay inspired is by reading book, after book on weight loss and looking good. The book "Younger sexier you" by Eric R Braverman, MD was one of those books. So how did this book stack up to the other books on my night stand?

Well I would would rate this book as "leave it at the bottom of the stack". (I know I feel so mean! This is the first book that I am reviewing that I did not love, or really "like") I thought that the book did not share any new, or at least "quick! grab a highlighter information". I could say that the book focused on what I believe was pretty much common sense info. 1), the better shape you are in the more you are likely to be up to having sex. (when you feel good about how you look, you are more likely to be "in the mood". 2) Also the better shape you are in, the more likely you are to be able to "actual" have sex. The last but not least, in fact I would go as far as to say the main theme of the book is:
"If you do not use it, you lose it!"

The main indicator that you will be an active senior having a good sex life, is by being an "active" ______(fill in your current age in the blank). Isn't that the truth to any activity we do, or stop doing!! I mean after all, have any of you ladies tried doing the monkey bars lately? or a cart wheel? If you don't use it, you will lose it! No matter what it is we are talking about!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's new in my neck of the woods: We have all gone to the birds

Well all the ladies in the Glenpool area have all gone to the birds! That is to say we are all "borrowing" Rooster feathers in all shapes, sizes and colors to adorn our hair.

When my sweet momma (above) came in for Mother's day weekend. The girls (my mom, me, my sister, and all 3 of my daughters) hit the salon Mystique in Bixby, OK to get our feathers on!

We all loved the different colors and sizes of feathers that we had added to our hair do. What a fun afternoon this turned out to be as well!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

book review: Spark

This book was one of the many I have read recently while on my weight loss journey. I found it most interesting how it is trying to challenge the school system on how they do P.E. class. They said how P.E. class was taught by old standards such as who could do a chin up, 65% of the students couldn't! So what does that do to kids and their attitude about wanting to come to a physical activity class. It is very discouraging. Also it stated "that less than 30% of adults over the age of 24 stay in shape through playing a team sport." So why are P.E. classes focused on trying to teach youth sports to American kids. If they want to really make an impact and teach kids how to stay healthy the focus should not be on how many chin ups, or sit ups one can do in a minute. Or if you know how to play dodge ball. The emphasis should be on what is your active heart rate, what is a resting heart rate. You should encourage all kids to move 3-4 times a week 20-30mins at least to get their heart rate up to stay in shape, and burn calories. This can be made fun, and gave several schools and examples as to what they are doing to make it fun for the kids to get moving. However the rating system on pass or fail is not how strong you are but how fit you are striving to be! I loved this!!! I wish my kids schools would adopt this type of program!
What was even more interesting is that one school who adopted this program for it's junior high and high school reported that not only did standarized testing raised 17%-18% on average. They did not have a single fist fight reported for 2,000 for a 2 year span! Wow!!! Talk about making good healthy habits a life style! Because honestly do any on you adults out there stay in shape weekly playing basketball or football unless you are a professional? Even then they are taught do add aerobic and weight lifting into their routine to help stay in shape! Check this book out it is a good read, and food for thought! (The book also covered the mental connection with exercise but the above focus was what really stood out to me as different from what other books out there were trying to say!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My weight loss journey

I made my mind up that this would be my year, to lose the weight I had gained and losed and gained back in between each pregnancy and had now became a part of who I was. I don't think that the extra weight made me "less" of a person, or not as important as someone who was not. I did however noticed how it was often the very first thing that people noticed about me, and labeled me. I was not happy with this label, but I knew where my value was found. I knew that God, loved me and thought I was precious. I knew that my husband and my daughters loved me and thought I was precious. And truthfully I did not have the energy, the time, or the desire it would take even see "if" it was attainable to lose the weight that I had gained and put on over those 13 years. (I mean 99/100 pounds seemed impossible for my brain to even begin wrapping itself around)
However in December of 2010 my heart started to race, and my blood pressure was high for the first time and it scared me! I did not want to die an early death. I had a lot to live for! It motivated me to take a long hard look in the mirror, and at the scale and pray about it and decide that I wanted to make some changes for the right reasons! After all just because I was plus size did not mean that I had given up I made sure my hair was done in a cute style, my make up was done, and looked put together when I went out. I had gained weight slowly with time, and did not think that I had given up on my self.
I knew life would not continue along the same, enjoyable pace, if my health was starting to be an issue. So I needed to make some drastic changes. I first looked at how a lady in our town that had been plus size for at least 10 years had lost weight with out surgery. I had heard that she had used some prescription medicine. I thought this might be the right place to start. So I went to the clinic and got some RX that helped with appetite suppressant. As I losted the first 5 pounds I got very excited and thought maybe, just maybe this is doable!
The 2nd month in I was excited, after I had lost the first 15-17 pounds my heart stopped racing, and my blood pressure returned to normal. However it took me being very focused to stay committed to my weight loss because during this time even though I was losing weight no one, and I do mean NOBODY noticed! When you are really overweight you have to really lose ALOT of weight before anyone begins to notice! I used pictures and stories of Alli and others that had lost the weight (above Ali had lost 112 pounds! Which is so WOW! but do you think the first 5,10,15,20 pounds people said WOW!) Ali's website is Alivincent. I located other photos and videos on youtube as encouragement to keep going!
The 3rd month into my weight loss journey someone gave me a free "visitor pass" to a local gym. This has radically changed my life. I got busy moving, joined a body pump class that taught me how to lift weights. This and the stationary bike are my favorite things to do at the gym!!! Here again if you want to be strong and in shape, you do what the people or ladies who are strong and in shape are doing! I would not be intimidated away from the gym. I was commited! I am constantly surprised at how much stronger my body is becoming - who knew that I was or had become so weak! I guess since I became weak over time I had not realized it how bad out of shape I had become-I know you would think I would not have been so shocked! (below is a photo from my stationary bike)
The 4th month people have started to realize that I am losing weight! Yeah!! It is so encouraging to hear kind words of encouragement off the lips of others! (can you tell one of my love languages is words of encouragement). I am now down 44.7 pounds. I have gone down 4 pants sizes, almost 5! I have just started to get to shop in the "regular" ladies department or section of a store! (I will update after my next shopping trip!) I have been able to really research different nutrition and weight loss books and try some of the different approaches that I have read over the last 4 months. I have implemented changes to my diet as well as my families diet. This has really been a life make over, not just a weight loss journey. I still have 55 pounds to go!
(Here is a photo of me celebrating the royal wedding, forgive the shadow that the iphone casted) (I know I can be such a dork, but hey! me and my girls made a special memory together!)
I describe this as a journey because I still have 55 pounds yet to go. However this time is my time! I am losing weight, I am getting stronger, and I am going to achieve my goals! Thanks for all who are following my weight loss journey on my blog! (my next diet update I will post my full length updated photo of myself, from January to now.) I still have a ways to go and I am excited for the journey!!!


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