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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese new commercial What are they really selling to our kids?

This commercial is horrible! The company is trying to market this product to our children (which mine love!) with behavior that is not funny no matter how you portray it! Stealing is a crime, and I do not want my children to think it is OK, no matter what the situation is, to take somebody else's stuff and sell it a pawn shop.
In the real world some families have to deal with the heartbreak of teens that are on drug who do exactly the behavior demonstrated in this commercial. It can be heartbreaking, and sad for families that are dealing with such a betrayal of trust. Kraft has always been such a family orientated company. I hope they realize that this commercial is not funny and lacks moral value that we as parents don't want our children to imitate. If you agree please find the Kraft macaroni & cheese page on facebook, and let them know as a parent you do not approve of the way they are trying to market their product.


  1. I am surprised by the Kraft people who usually do great commercials. They definitely need to pull this one. Adults would probably get the "tongue in check" humor, but kids don't, so this sends the WRONG message, IMO.

  2. I hadn't seen this commercial. Sometimes I wonder what they're thinking.

  3. Current/Recent past kraft macaroni & cheese commercial teaches children to call the cops if daddy takes a noodle from son's dinner plate. Opens with boy in classroom asking the policeman (probably a drug education program by local police) "...what do I do if I see someone stealing..." cop tells the boy to call 911. Dad takes two noodles from his young son's plate at family dinner table; police cars with sirens come to take Dad away. Is this a scene from THE SWING KIDS which is a Hitler gestapo historical movie? Get the movie DVD; do NOT get the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese !

  4. Get a life, it's comedy. You are what makes this country evil.

  5. I am glad to know that I wasn't the only one who was upset by this commercial! As a VP of marketing, we carefully watch our own branding and was stunned that such a "family" company would do something that makes light of what would definitely be a "tragedy" to a real family and is certainly nothing to make light of. I don't think it is "evil," per se, just in very poor taste and bad branding and sets a bad example for my children who DEFINITELY know and respect this brand to see them set such an important event in a "funny" context.



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