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Monday, May 23, 2011

A great app! fooducate

Well those of you who know that I am on a weight loss journey know that I love the app, "lose it" (it can also be used on your computer at www.loseit.com to help track of your calorie intake and your weight loss goals. Well during the last 4 weeks I have been trying to educate myself on good nutrition, wise choices etc.. I have come along way baby! However, I am still a relative newbie to making the best choices at the super market when faced with a long shelf filled with similar products. It can be mind boggling! Overwhelming how different companies use descriptive phrases on the front of packaging.

I was told by a dear friend the other day about this fab app, that also has a blog that you can follow that tries to educate people about the best choices when picking out food. It is called "fooducate" you can find their blog by clicking on fooducateblog. This link will take you to their blog. The app also allows you to use your iphone camera to scan the bar code found on the food you are considering. It tells you if it is good choice or bad. It also gives you a better alternative for the food that you are looking at, if you are shocked at the bad score that the item received.

You must check out this blog, and the best news is that the app was free from the app store!

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  1. See this app is why I need a phone with apps!!!



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