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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's happening in my neck of the woods.. sometimes a girl has to liv a little

What is happening in my neck of the woods. I am joining the ladies over at Real Housewives of Oklahoma for a linky party today. Well, In my neck of the woods, if you find yourself free with an afternoon to go shopping head over to the Jenk, Ok. There on main street is the cutest little boutique -with literally everything you would Love to have, and nothing you really need. (Does that not just scream your name!) This cute store is called "Liv a Little Boutique" it is located 201 E Main st in Jenks, Ok. There phone number is: 918 629-9495.

The store carries several one of kind item. You can get several items necklaces, dresses, and bags custom ordered. This is a fun store that carries all type of jewelry, books, candles, and gift items galore. It carries OU, OSU, TU, and cute Jenks merchandise. Young, and younger girls would enjoy this store. It is one of my daughters and mine favorite way to kill an hour, and leave with some cute bling! The store also provides complimentary cute gift wrap for those last minute gift items that you pick up. (can you say "Life saver!)


  1. Thanks for the good tip! I'll have to check it out! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I tried to email you back but you're a no reply!

  2. Sounds like a cute little boutique!

  3. I just wrote an article about Liv a Little on N2Jenks.com!

  4. Love Liv a Little! As a Jenks Girl I go in there whenever I'm out that way :)

  5. Have you still not linked your email? You crazy girl. :)
    That boutique sounds super fun. I love any place that offers gift wrap for free.

  6. Sounds amazing! I love places like that.

    If I ever make it to Jenks during business hours I will stop in.

    Thanks for linking up. =)



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