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Friday, May 27, 2011

down 47.5 pounds

So the journey began with one step. Stepping out in faith that I could accomplish what seemed impossible: lose weight. I have been on this journey for about 5 months now. This far down the road I do think I will be able to now reach my destination.
Above is a picture of me on New Year's Eve (my heaviest 249)

Above is a picture of me weighing 222. (going down!)
Above is a picture of me weighing in at 202 pounds.
Well here I am this week getting ready for my body pump class. (sorry the picture is not my best) I am down a total of 47.5 as of today. Yeah! I am closely approaching my second goal which is 199, (I am 3 pounds away from reaching this goal).

I have decided to break my total weight loss down into mini goals to help me stay focused and positive. My first goal was reaching 215. My second goal is 199. The third goal I have set is 175. That is as far as I can focus "out" on the future, right now. Anything further just starts to seem unreal. Which is why I decided to focus on mini goals, instead of the huge end number of losing a 100 pounds. My mind just can't wrap itself around that number or what that might look like right now. (my momma always told me "how do you eat an elephant? bite, by bite, by bite". So here's to taking small bites out of my weight loss journey!)

I hit a plateau this last 2 weeks. I have tried to stay positive, and just keep moving. I added a step aerobics class this last 2 weeks. (The first week I could barely move the next day.) I was very sore, but the class was so much fun. I went back for my second week yesterday. I am happy to report that I am not nearly as sore as I was last week - yeah! This is such an accomplishment for me. I do not think I would have been capable of doing an hour long step class in January when I started my weight loss journey. I feel that I have grown stronger, increased my stamina, and it is just easier to move being 47.5 pounds lighter. So with all this in mind, I will continue on, walking down the road towards my weight loss goal!

Well I hope everyone has a great Memorial day weekend! Stay safe & have fun!


  1. WOW!!
    i am so proud of Y-O-U!
    I know how how HARD you have worked and you totally
    deserve the weight loss and all the health benefits!!
    And the photos SHOW the dramatic difference!!

  2. That is AWESOME!!!
    I fell off the bandwagon & put on some weight.
    Thank you for inspiring to get back on track.

  3. Girl, you are looking amazing! Seriously. Keep up the good work.

    I need to get motivated AGAIN.

  4. I am amazed and inspired. Good for you!! I will be back at the gym next week. Maybe I will see you there?

  5. Hooray for you! You look amazing and are an inspiration!

  6. Wow, you have really changed your look, and it shows that you feel better! You are an inspiration, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us :) YOU LOOK MAAAAVALUS!

  7. I don't remember how I came across your blog but I'm glad I did. Keep up the good work. You are doing an amazing job. I lost 70 lbs over this past year and it was not easy. Worth it, yes!!! Lose it is a great tool. I use it faithfully everyday.

  8. Your Mom sent me over here! You look GREAT...keep up the hard work:)



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