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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Away in a manger

Do you like my zebra printed "manger"? Well my girls were very excited last night to receive them! We also gave each girl an envelope filled with yellow strips of paper a.k.a. hay - that they can use to fill their manger when they have done something nice for someone they can write it down on the paper strips/hay and add it to the manger bed to help prepare their hearts for Christmas, and to help combat the case of the "gimmes me!"
Mom and Dad got one to, even though ours are not zebra stripe. I have been thinking all day what I can do for others during this holiday season as a stay at home mom I will most definitely have to be creative and go out of my ways some days in order to do some of the nice things I have been thinking about.
I am looking forward to tucking my girls in bed at night and seeing what kind things they did for others that day. The only rule is that you have to spread your kind deeds around - it can't be just for your best friend or your mom and dad (same with me and Brent, it can't be just for each other or our kids only). This is going to be a fun activity - one that gets us thinking about doing for others. It is amazing how when you purpose your heart and mind to do something for others, that the time to do so just opens up!
What are you doing for others this holiday season? Do you have a favorite thing to do for others? Do you like to do your acts of kindness where the receiver knows it is from you or do you prefer to do it secretly? I think I am going to try it both ways this month, and I will report back which way was the most fun. I am also brainstorming what sweet out of the ordinary thing I can do for each of my children and husband. I hope you are looking at your calendars today on the last day of November and are making your plans for your December! Remember there is no such woman as "Wonder Woman" you can not do it all (yes, it is true) so remember to fill your time with doing the "BEST" things, not just good things!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kate Middleton and Beth Moore - say what?

"It's tough being a woman in another woman's shadow" that is the theme for week one of the Beth Moore Bible study of Esther. I had just started this study of the book of Esther when Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement. The news media covering their engagement keeps "highlighting" the similarities and the differences between Prince Charles and Princess Dianna's engagement and theirs. All I could think of was Yes, Beth it is hard to be in another woman's shadow just as Esther was in the Shadow of the Queen who went before her so is Kate in Princess Dianna's shadow. I can only imagine how hard it must be for Kate to be in the shadow so publicly and to have everyone going over "Everything" bit by bit.

Whew! Just thinking about it makes me exhausted! I am just a normal housewife who lives in a small town (though I have been laughing and thinking I might start saying I am from a sleepy little American town after watching all the news coverage of Miss.Kate Middleton.) who lives under the shadow that is cast from society of what a woman is supposed to look like, be like, act like and do. I believe every woman lives with some shadow over them. Sometimes woman live in the shadow of a real woman be it a mother, a mother in-law, a sister, a best friend, an ex-wife. Sometimes the shadow is even imposed on you from strangers. I am a stay at home mom and I love being it! However when I run into acquaintances that I haven't seen in a while, who "work" outside the home, and they ask me "What are you doing now?" and I explain that I am still at home, even though my kids are now in school. I sometimes feel "judged" and deemed less worthy. I know this is how I "feel", and I have been taking it to God and praying about it. (and trying to come up with a better answer -ha!)

I have been working hard to step into the love of God and trust what God says about me. I know that Isaiah 43:4 tells me I am precious to God, I peter 1:18-19 tells I am valuable to God so I choose to believe him, day by day. I know that I am working for his glory even when I am doing the mundane chores around the house since these duties bless my family and those that enter my home.

Do you live in a shadow? How does it make you feel? How do you deal with it?

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am in Heaven!!!

OK Girls, we are now in the count down time until Thanksgiving! 9 days until Thanksgiving! So here are some tips, and some very cool websites to check out for some freebie decoration to help get you ready for Thanksgiving.

First thing first - remember the sweet ladies in your life who are trying to do it all or think they should be trying to do it all - take some time out this afternoon go buy a yummy box of tea. (I used Yogi's Mayan Cocoa Spice) and send each of the wonderful ladies in your life (your mom, your grandma, your aunt, your best friend, even you mother in-law) a little note (yes, through snail mail!) along with a tea bag reminding them to take a break and enjoy this time of year!

I will even send you one, leave me your address in the comment section and I will send you a little note, and tea bag as well!!- (Yes, even us ladies need a little pampering now and then!)

Secondly, my girls have 7 more days left of school and the blog CraftsandSutch has the CUTEST Printable Lunch notes for your kids for FREE!! See there print a few off and your kids will have the cutest little seasonal love note from mom in their lunch box. (well now that your feeling like your a wonderful capable person again lets attack the house!)

Thirdly, decorate your entrance - be that your front porch, your entry way, even your laundry room if that is how you enter your home - put a smile on your house!

Fourth, you must check out the blog Today's Fabulous Finds {Tomorrow's Treasures}
This blog has cute FREE (yes, I did say FREE) printable subway art to print out and frame for your house!!! Isn't that the cutest (they would also make cute teacher gifts/or friend gifts!)

For more cute, very cute festive Free art work check out: Flamingo Toes, and check out Anna's blog Take the Side Street - she has a cute Free printable artwork about "gratitude" if you printed it out in red/green you could keep it up through Christmas!!
I do not know about you, but I am so very grateful to all the wonderful bloggers out there that share all their cute ideas with us!!!

Also a quick idea for all of you who have children who can read - and you are working on bible verse memorization. The church we attend (Lifechurch.tv) places information for upcoming events on the back of the bathroom stalls - they joke about having a captive audience. Well I thought they had a good point! So I now take home the bible verse memorization cards that are given to my kids, and place them for the week in the above frame next to the sink in their bathroom. My kids see it when they are washing their hands (yes, as a mom I know you are all giggling) and when they are brushing their teeth, and even when the older one is doing her make-up I know she is seeing this!!

Well I off to attack my kids bedrooms and "declutter" when they are not around to help me! but remember if you would like a note and a free tea bag, leave me a message and an address and I would be glad to send you a little lift me up! (now please remember that I am only an individual and I am not selling anything I have 2 boxes of tea bags to share - so I have 40 bags to send out for those who would like to reply!)

Oh and a Big Thank you to Beverly@theBuzz for a shout out for my post

Happy Monday to all you Girls!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfect pairing - Revelation 21:23

"The city does not need the sun or moon to shine on it. God's glory is it's light, and the Lamb is it's light."
Revelation 21:23

*The above drawing is my youngest daughter Grace's picture of what she thinks God must look like and a drawing of his glory shining from him.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling grattitude

I will be honest there are times that I am soooo buffered by my own reality (a warm home in the winter, a cool home in the summer, even if it is dirty it is mine, tv, computer, ipod, friends, family etc....) at times it is so easy to whine over something that in the Big Scheme of life is nothing. I have been trying to have a thankful heart and help my family not have such a case of the gimme' me's that I have been looking outward and praying "God show me where I can help others, remind my pampered self what I have to be soo very thankful for". Boy, has God thrown open the curtains of my house and showed me some stuff that breaks my heart, it stirs me to want to help! Thank you Lord Jesus for being so patient with my foolish, selfish heart!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Has God every broken your heart over a situation, that did not involve you -not one ounce, and your prayer became all about that situation? Did God show you how he could use you to help in that situation?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perfect pairing - Isaiah 44:8

Don’t be afraid! Don’t worry!

I have always told you what will happen.

You are my witnesses.

There is no other God but me.

I know of no other Rock; I am the only One.”

Isaiah 44:8

**Thank you Lord for being my Rock!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Invisible Woman -

This is just to remind every lady out there - that God sees you!! You count!! Is this not a great reminder I hope you enjoy it where ever you are as you are sipping your coffee, or tea this morning! Remember that you matter. Rejoice and give God praise- That is a reason to be thankful!

Keep on keeping on! Do not be discouraged, do not get overwhelmed by the upcoming holiday, or the never ending laundry, or the constant hollering of "mom!, or that nobody notices when you clean the toilet -God loves you!!! Amen!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Cleaning Prayer- how cleaning can help your prayer life

As a mom we are often called upon to put on our housecleaning hat and pick up the trash bags, and bucket of cleaning supplies and go where no man would ever go…………………………..into our kids rooms to clean!!!!

Well you know by now that there are not laundry fairies, or that even our children can not clean, organize and go through their rooms like we can! One way to help prepare our hearts and our families heart for the upcoming Christmas season (while we are preparing our homes for the Christmas season-Of course we are multi-tasking we are moms!) is praying for our family as we clean our house. Praying is such a powerful thing that any mom or wife can do as we go about our housecleaning duties!

As you clean out each child’s room, pray for that child. Pray for God’s protection in their life physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally! Pray that your child will have wisdom in selecting friends. Pray that your child will grow closer to God over the Christmas season. Pray that God will allow your child to experience the awe and wonder of the greatest love story every played out with Christmas being just the beginning of the upcoming Holiday seasons for us to share with our children. Thank God that you have the children he has blessed you with so that you have rooms to clean.

Pray for your spouse and your marriage as you clean your bedroom. Pray for love to continue to grow in your hearts for one another and for God. Pray that God will wake your spouse up in any area in their life that they need awakening in. Pray that God will help your spouse grow closer to God over the Christmas season. Pray that God would help your husband be the spiritual leader of your household, and be present and participating with you and your child. Thank God for your husband! Thank God for the job that your husband has, and that he is our true provider. Pray that your husband would have godly men for friends, and that God would continue to place or would bring into your husband’s life godly men to mentor him.

While cleaning the bathroom, pray for modesty and sexual purity for your children, your husband and yourself. Pray also for your children’s future spouse and their family as you pray about this topic.

While cleaning your dining area, pray for the guest that you will have in your home over the holiday season. Pray that your family would be able to share the love of God with them. Pray that God would bring to mind anyone that needs a place to go over the holidays to your mind.

When cleaning the kitchen thank God for the food he has provided you and your family. Thank him that you have the opportunity to cook and share how well he has blessed your family. Pray that God would be with your neighbors and that they would learn the true meaning of Christmas.

While cleaning the living room, pray that God would be with your parents, and in-laws. Thank him for your spouse and the providing your children with grandparents. Thank him for the legacy your parents have left you in your life.

While cleaning the laundry room, pray for your siblings. Just like a sock needs a pair, our family would not have been complete with out our siblings. While doing laundry pray that God would help you in your walk to grow closer to him.

***I love having quiet time, but I confess it is hard to carve out the time with a full house! However I am always amazed how I have the time to pray when I am cleaning - I think my kids and husband are afraid to approach me, in fear that I might just put them to work cleaning. Hope you like the suggestion!

Where has November gone to?

It's a Wonderful Life
I look into the stores and all I see is Green and Red. I wonder down the candy aisle (yes, I know my hips wish I would not!) and I see the candy Christmas kisses and candy canes stocked on the the shelves. I watch the evening news and they tell me because of the economy is down, retailers are now stretching the Christmas season to begin the day after Halloween. Well let me tell you (yes, I feel a lot like Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life" when he is telling people that they needed to save the old building and loan.) Well girls we need November and Thanksgiving if for no other reason it allows us to prepare our hearts, our minds, and our homes for the Christmas season!!
The Christmas season is filled with the gimme Me's. Just look at how marketers encourage you to make a "Wish List". Don't believe me take a minute and think about the The Great Big Christmas Book, or Toy land Catalog marketed for our kids to make their "wish list" up or the Lexus commercials geared to us older kids. Marketers have made the Christmas season about "what do I want" to every individual out there. Well Let's start in November remembering what we have been blessed with.

Let's take the next 21 days and prepare our hearts,with an attitude of Thankfulness that helps prepare us for the Christmas season ."In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. "Thessalonians 5:18 Take a look at what you fill your mind, and your time with. Are you starting to be frazzled, looking at the calendar thinking about how the marketers are wanting you to feel about the holidays. Well just stop! This is the beauty of November take a deep breath make a game plan and prepare. Do not let anyone cheat you out of November!!
I always prepare my house for the holidays by first - CLEANING IT OUT!! How do you plan to put anything new into your homes, (AKA your kids bedrooms) without first cleaning out the junk, the things that are broken, things that are no longer used, things that have been out grown. Just making a pile of things to donate or have a garage sale helps make it abundantly clear how really blessed we are!!! I also do not want to struggle with dealing with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome -this is from the fly lady) during the holiday season. I want my house to be a warm inviting home, to my friends and family as well as my children's friends. The only way that will be possible is if I take the time to get things cleaned and organized now!!
So don't overlook November - we need November to help us enjoy the Christmas season and share the joy of Christ with others through out December. Remember you can not share what you do not have - so make sure that you will have joy in your heart during December by taking the steps necessary to enjoy December right now!! Prepare your heart and your families heart to make the trip to the manger this Christmas!
"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14

(p.s. for those following my blog I am thankful that I have a husband that works on project for me and I will post pictures of the completed projects when he has completed the kitchen, and yes, I will be thankful for that! and no I have not been holding out on you it is just taking longer than we anticipated!)


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