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Monday, November 15, 2010

I am in Heaven!!!

OK Girls, we are now in the count down time until Thanksgiving! 9 days until Thanksgiving! So here are some tips, and some very cool websites to check out for some freebie decoration to help get you ready for Thanksgiving.

First thing first - remember the sweet ladies in your life who are trying to do it all or think they should be trying to do it all - take some time out this afternoon go buy a yummy box of tea. (I used Yogi's Mayan Cocoa Spice) and send each of the wonderful ladies in your life (your mom, your grandma, your aunt, your best friend, even you mother in-law) a little note (yes, through snail mail!) along with a tea bag reminding them to take a break and enjoy this time of year!

I will even send you one, leave me your address in the comment section and I will send you a little note, and tea bag as well!!- (Yes, even us ladies need a little pampering now and then!)

Secondly, my girls have 7 more days left of school and the blog CraftsandSutch has the CUTEST Printable Lunch notes for your kids for FREE!! See there print a few off and your kids will have the cutest little seasonal love note from mom in their lunch box. (well now that your feeling like your a wonderful capable person again lets attack the house!)

Thirdly, decorate your entrance - be that your front porch, your entry way, even your laundry room if that is how you enter your home - put a smile on your house!

Fourth, you must check out the blog Today's Fabulous Finds {Tomorrow's Treasures}
This blog has cute FREE (yes, I did say FREE) printable subway art to print out and frame for your house!!! Isn't that the cutest (they would also make cute teacher gifts/or friend gifts!)

For more cute, very cute festive Free art work check out: Flamingo Toes, and check out Anna's blog Take the Side Street - she has a cute Free printable artwork about "gratitude" if you printed it out in red/green you could keep it up through Christmas!!
I do not know about you, but I am so very grateful to all the wonderful bloggers out there that share all their cute ideas with us!!!

Also a quick idea for all of you who have children who can read - and you are working on bible verse memorization. The church we attend (Lifechurch.tv) places information for upcoming events on the back of the bathroom stalls - they joke about having a captive audience. Well I thought they had a good point! So I now take home the bible verse memorization cards that are given to my kids, and place them for the week in the above frame next to the sink in their bathroom. My kids see it when they are washing their hands (yes, as a mom I know you are all giggling) and when they are brushing their teeth, and even when the older one is doing her make-up I know she is seeing this!!

Well I off to attack my kids bedrooms and "declutter" when they are not around to help me! but remember if you would like a note and a free tea bag, leave me a message and an address and I would be glad to send you a little lift me up! (now please remember that I am only an individual and I am not selling anything I have 2 boxes of tea bags to share - so I have 40 bags to send out for those who would like to reply!)

Oh and a Big Thank you to Beverly@theBuzz for a shout out for my post

Happy Monday to all you Girls!


  1. Thanks for featuring my Thanksgiving subway art are for passing on all of those great ideas!

  2. wow you are SUPER-Thanksgiving-MOM! LOVE it all! won't you please come join us over on the RHOK....would LOVE to have you!

  3. Love the links!! I'm checking all of them out.

    And, you totally should link this one up on The RHOK today. =)

  4. so glad you linked up!!!! I gotta tell ya, it made my day when I went back to the RHOK to visit links I missed and saw yours! I so hope you will become a permanent part of McLinky Mondays =)

  5. You always have the best ideas. You are also so great with the notes. The amount of energy you put into other people's lives is commendable. I (heart) you. :)

  6. Great idea! Thanks for the shoutout for my shoutout!

  7. Thanks for the feature!! The tea bag idea is so cute, what a kind heart you have! Have a good one :)



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