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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Cleaning Prayer- how cleaning can help your prayer life

As a mom we are often called upon to put on our housecleaning hat and pick up the trash bags, and bucket of cleaning supplies and go where no man would ever go…………………………..into our kids rooms to clean!!!!

Well you know by now that there are not laundry fairies, or that even our children can not clean, organize and go through their rooms like we can! One way to help prepare our hearts and our families heart for the upcoming Christmas season (while we are preparing our homes for the Christmas season-Of course we are multi-tasking we are moms!) is praying for our family as we clean our house. Praying is such a powerful thing that any mom or wife can do as we go about our housecleaning duties!

As you clean out each child’s room, pray for that child. Pray for God’s protection in their life physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally! Pray that your child will have wisdom in selecting friends. Pray that your child will grow closer to God over the Christmas season. Pray that God will allow your child to experience the awe and wonder of the greatest love story every played out with Christmas being just the beginning of the upcoming Holiday seasons for us to share with our children. Thank God that you have the children he has blessed you with so that you have rooms to clean.

Pray for your spouse and your marriage as you clean your bedroom. Pray for love to continue to grow in your hearts for one another and for God. Pray that God will wake your spouse up in any area in their life that they need awakening in. Pray that God will help your spouse grow closer to God over the Christmas season. Pray that God would help your husband be the spiritual leader of your household, and be present and participating with you and your child. Thank God for your husband! Thank God for the job that your husband has, and that he is our true provider. Pray that your husband would have godly men for friends, and that God would continue to place or would bring into your husband’s life godly men to mentor him.

While cleaning the bathroom, pray for modesty and sexual purity for your children, your husband and yourself. Pray also for your children’s future spouse and their family as you pray about this topic.

While cleaning your dining area, pray for the guest that you will have in your home over the holiday season. Pray that your family would be able to share the love of God with them. Pray that God would bring to mind anyone that needs a place to go over the holidays to your mind.

When cleaning the kitchen thank God for the food he has provided you and your family. Thank him that you have the opportunity to cook and share how well he has blessed your family. Pray that God would be with your neighbors and that they would learn the true meaning of Christmas.

While cleaning the living room, pray that God would be with your parents, and in-laws. Thank him for your spouse and the providing your children with grandparents. Thank him for the legacy your parents have left you in your life.

While cleaning the laundry room, pray for your siblings. Just like a sock needs a pair, our family would not have been complete with out our siblings. While doing laundry pray that God would help you in your walk to grow closer to him.

***I love having quiet time, but I confess it is hard to carve out the time with a full house! However I am always amazed how I have the time to pray when I am cleaning - I think my kids and husband are afraid to approach me, in fear that I might just put them to work cleaning. Hope you like the suggestion!


  1. That puts a whole different spin on cleaning! I'm going to have to try it, maybe it'll make it easier!

  2. I pray when I'm running! My cleaning time isn't very long since it's just me in a not very big space but when I'm running I've found it to be a great time!!

  3. Did you know you were featured here?



  4. Awww, your mom beat me to it! Yep, you were featured in my (almost) weekly Saturday Shoutouts. I follow lots of blogs and read so many touching, inspiring, or funny posts and want to share them with others. This one of yours touched my heart. Wish I could have read it when my kids were young. Now my hope is that my two daughters can benefit from your perspective.



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