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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sky high stilettos!

Did you happen to catch Gwyneth Paltrow last week on the 53rd Annual Grammy show? Well if you didn't you missed an amazing performance! No, I am not talking about her signing performance with Cee Lo Green "Forget you". I am talking about that she walked down stairs
and sung and danced on a grand piano while wearing these 6 inch stilettos! (here are some like the pair she wore but hers were color blocked)
In Britain the retailers called an increase of stilettos sales by 35% after Gwyneth wore her signature stilettos on the red carpet, the "Gwyneth effect". Which made me laugh, then made me start to think 1) I really should start to do the "Crunch Stiletto" workout if I want to try to sport me a pair of super high, sexy high heels. 2) Why do I love high heels so much? 3) What am I influenced by? Hum... that made me think, more than I probably want to admit. (I think that might be a fun post for later this week_)

So do like to wear high heels? Even if not every day, do you like to pull out a pair to put on when you are going on with a girl's night out (or what I now call Mom's Night out) or for a date with your husband? How high are you comfortable with your heels being? Do you like a certain style or brand of heels?? Pictured below is a photo of a pair of my heels and a friends high heels the night we went out for a Mom's night out this last summer! (My friend is wearing a Jessica Simpson red patent stacked heel, I am wearing a Old Navy wedge -with beading on the side of the heel, sorry I could not find a picture that showed the beading off)

I admit high heels not only align my posture (you can't slouch and keep your balance in high heels!) it also makes your calves look more shapely, and there is something exciting being able to see the world from a little higher view! I think the toe painted in a cute sexy color, peeking out get you in the mood to flirt with your husband! I prefer the stacked high heel or a wedge. However I do have a sexy pair of black chunkier stilettos for a night out with my husband. I feel most comfortable with a 3 inch heel. What's your favorite?


  1. I actually wasn't a fan of her shoes, but I do LOVE heels!!! I find that wedges save my knees and I now have to save my sky high heels for special occasions. I wear as high as 4 1/2 inches. Guess has my favorites!!! I'm going out to lunch with an agent on Wednesday and my underwriter requested I wear flats since our agent is only 5'6, and I'm 5'8ish without heels. She didn't want me towering over him, which I understand. She knows me well and knows that I like to wear heels because they give me confidence!! You're right, there's no slouching in heels!!

  2. Love shoes like this, but alas cannot wear much of anything but flats and very low heels. I blame it on the platforms I wore to high school in the 70s and the heels I wore to work for years. Now my lovely bunions dictate what I put on my feet. :(

  3. I love heels, however I walk like a freak in them I swear?!


  4. This is a good idea thank for sharing on the website




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