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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What to do if you wash your Ipod Touch

First of all, this has been a trial and error post by no means am I a professional Ipod worker. However as a stay at home mom who does the laundry - I was appalled the other day when I reached into the washing machine to transfer the clothes to the dryer to find one of my daughter's ipod touch in the bottom of the washing machine. AAH!!! and here is the worst part - it had been in my husband's pocket so he had been the culprit that left it in his pocket not my daughter. (Ur!! Yes, it's true I do not check pockets, I am a mom of 3 girls - girls we do not carry anything in our pockets that why we have a purse for, and my hubby is an adult and he knows he better empty his pockets) and yes, did I mention that she had saved her allowance and birthday money up to purchase said Ipod touch -Ur! You can imagine my despair and frustration! So I quickly ran upstairs and goggled Ipod and water.

Well after much research I found that as long as the Ipod was off when it got wet there probably was not any damage "yet". So the first thing to know is:


secondly, I located many older video's that showed how to take apart (I know my heart starts beating very fast at just the thought!) but all the videos I could find were of older Ipod Touches. So I decided to do the next best thing I filled a bowl with rice, and then dropped a few pieces down the hold where the earphone jack is put into the ipod then placed the ipod into the bowl of rice making sure it is covered well. Then I left it for 3 days!! (I changed out the rice that was in the hold of for the earbuds once a day). At the end of the 3 days I hoped that it had been sufficiently dried out - whew! It was, so I placed the Ipod touch on the charger. I did have to restore the Ipod to the factory setting. However I was so relieved to have a working Ipod for my daughter that was nothing.

It is my understanding in layman's terms: that as long as it dries out before turning the ipod on it will not short it's circuit board out. However if the ipod is on, or has been left on, it most likely is to late. However one can always be a optimist and try turning it off quickly and drying it out in rice. Well good luck to you and your ipod I wish you the best of luck! If not I did see that Ipod does offer to repair the Ipod for a fee.


  1. Very good advice! That happened to my friend's daughter last week and the rice thing is what saved hers as well! So glad it was resolved!

  2. I had a phone that I had to dry out once. Maybe your iTouch will do better but mine didn't work so great after a while.
    Around here, the Doc is the only one who leaves crap in his pockets.

  3. There is a number of Ipod Touch repair stores in Brisbane that will best take care of your beloved gadget. You can easily find stores specializing in Ipod, Iphone and Ipad repairs in Brisbane.
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    Thanks for sharing...!!



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