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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Perfect pairing Proverbs 15:30

Good news makes you feel better.

Your happiness will show in your eyes. (Proverbs 15:30 NCV)

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Witness Protection Program

I love watching and reading stories that could be best described as "Thrillers". Sometimes in these thrillers an innocent or not so innocent person has seen something that they should not have. Often because they were where they should not have been or doing something that they should not have been doing in the first place. In these thrillers they are usually protected by our Federal Government, in a program called "Witness Protection". Where they are issued new identities, new names, and told not to tell anyone who they "really are".
That whole concept as to how the world "protects people", isn't much different from how I want to protect myself sometimes from the things I have done in the past. When Satan tries to whisper in my ear, "You can't do that, your not qualified-remember what you have done in your past." Even my girls, when they were little - caught red handed with a crayon in hand, in front of the scribbling on the wall denied that they Ever wrote on the wall. What is it with us humans that, denial and hiding is the best way we can think of to handle past mistakes.
This stands out in stark contrast as to how God deals with our past mistakes, once we become a christian. OK - let's remember God's way are definitely not our ways!

"For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9

When you become a christian, God puts you in his Witness Protection Program. He gives you a new identity in Christ, he gives you a new name -he adopts you into his own family. However wait for it- he doesn't tell you not to share with others about your past, he is not worried that your past will make him look bad! In fact, when others learn how you "used to be", and can see how God has worked an AMAZING work in your life, that is your witness to them as to how great God is!!!

"We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves."
2 Corinthians 4:7

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's show time!

It's so hot outside, and I wanna stay in the A/C. New movies are hitting the local theaters. I love going to the movies, however going to the
movies puts me directly in temptation to over eat on really bad for you popcorn!

USA Today reports "A large popcorn at AMC has 16 cups, 1,030 calories and 57 grams of saturated fat. A large from Cinemark: 17 cups and 910 calories, 4 grams of saturated fat.". The popcorn not only looks good, it smells good.

So how to handle the movie theater temptation. I have been fighting the temptation by buying a sucker. I know there is no real nutritional value in a sucker. However, hear me out. A sucker's calorie count generally runs between 60 & 100 calories. A sucker takes almost the whole movie to suck on! You will not be able to pop anything into your mouth to eat if you have a sucker in it. (also suckers come in some fun flavors that you might not have been enjoying, if you are watching what you eat. So a sucker can really be a sweet treat, and a safe way to go to the movies. A little like bowling with the bumper rails up).

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Perfect pairing, Jonah 1:17

17 Now the LORD provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights."
Jonah 1:17

Friday, July 22, 2011


When it's summer time, I think a lot about toes! I guess because as the heat rises I live in flip flops or go bare foot. Last summer the "Zach Brown band" had a hit out called "toes".

This summer since I have added yoga and pilates to my routine, I find myself not only barefoot but also bending over and looking at them ALOT!! (below is a pic of me from yoga class)

So I am really loving fun, happy, surprising nail polish colors for my toes. Right now I am loving green nail polish, last week it was a buttercup yellow.

What simple pleasures of summer make you smile??

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spinning at Sky Gym

I took my first spin class yesterday at Sky Gym in Tulsa, Ok.

I had been to intimidated to try spin class for the following reasons: 1). I heard you have to get there early to get a bike and I was unsure what early meant. 2) notice that on the spin bike you can or need to adjust 3 areas on the bike : seat height. Handlebar height, and handlebar distance. I was not sure how to do this, and if there would be enough time for a newbie like myself to figure it out. 3) I wasn't sure if I could keep up.

Wow! I know when I considered all those things, no wonder I was a little afraid of trying spin class. However I love the class "Body Pump" and I have taken it from several different trainers. I know now who my favorite trainer is. (I would encourage anyone new working out at a gym, to try different trainers or teachers that teach the same class. Not all trainers are alike. Just like you don't want to best friends with EVERYONE you meet. You are going to like different trainers better for a variety of reasons.) My favorite trainer is Leslie she is high energy, instructional, encouraging and keeps it fun. A lot of the trainers teach several different classes. So when I decided to branch out and try spin class, I looked to see if she also taught spinning. Sure enough she did, so I picked her class to be my intro into the world of spinning.

I found it fun! Low impact, aerobic. The workout is customizable like body pump through resistance you adjust on the bike and the number of rotation you pedal the bike. My fast is so not there fast -yet! I look forward to improving and having fun in this class! (by the way early is 30/40 mins prior to class starting: it allows set up of the bike adjustments, and warm up time). Also Everyone in the class was so friendly and helpful -I am not kidding. 3 different ladies came up and gave me helpful information before class began, or helped me get my bike prepped! There were all sizes and shapes in this class. The music was fun, and I really broke a sweat- I hope adding this class to my weekly work out routine will help me bust through my weight loss plateau that I have hit, the last 2 1/2 weeks. (latest update: 56.3 pounds down since January, and holding -ugh! 44 pounds left to go!)
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well I have hit a plateau. Ugh!! I have been at the same 2/3 pounds for 19 days now. Ugh! I will not stop. I will keep going, I can do this! That is all I'm going to say or whine on the matter, hopefully I will have a great diet update to report next week.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh, baby! Baby!

My sister in-law Jenn became an Aunt again this week. So she made these adorable cake pop, to take to the hospital for a gift. The new momma can hand them out to the guest who come and visit at the hospital. Such a cute idea!!!

My sister in-law did a great job!!! I am so glad that she is letting me show off her handiwork! If you are interested in trying to make some check out

Bakerella's blog (http://m.bakerella.com/category/pops-bites/cake-pops/) online for how to information.
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Go Wild!

Back to school is getting closer, and I thought I would share what my daughter did for her handouts in last years elections.
My oldest daughter decided to run for National Junior Honor Society president this last year. Above is the pop & mini candy bars she handed out one day during the election period.

Above is the mint packets that she handed out while campaigning. Below is the suckers she handed out.

She used the slogan "Go Wild and Vote for Kaylee" most of the time, since we used animal print paper on her hand outs and posters. All that is except for the mints, pictured above.

Kaylee had fun running her election and it was a great experience for her. However she did not win, another student won. (Yes, she had cute hand outs as well). As much as I would have loved to shield my daughter from this loss. I think that is just as big part of life as well, for our children to learn how to lose gracefully, and win gracefully. Because we all know you can't win every time, and sometime how you loose says more about you, than how you act when you win.

What life lessons do you as a parent, find it hard to watch your kids learn?? (parenting is hard!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

It is so hot the IPod doesn't want to come out & play!

It is so hot outside here in Oklahoma. That today when we dared to venture outside to the pool my daughters IPod had a message of "iPod needs to cool down before you can use". That is hot!!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ouch! What to do if your muscles hurt!

Well I went back to the gym on Monday, following my lovely stay cation. I assumed it would be a little rough, but not to bad. I assumed wrong!! Ouch! I hurt- my legs hurt, my arms hurt! It is safe to say I hurt everywhere!

Well what is a girl to do? I tried drinking some water with baking soda in it. Let's just say this did not work, and tasted a lot like drinking alka seltzer - yuck!

I then tried Tues night to take a long hot bath, with Epsom Salt and Baking soda in the water. I was Leary because Epsom Salt had never really seemed to work, but I had read several websites that listed this concoction of Baking soda & Epsom salt.

Well will wonders never cease! I took a long hot soak, in the bath tub. I read part of a wonderful romance novel while soaking in the tub. I giggled in a few hours after the bath, my legs felt wonderful!! No longer hurting, cramping muscles - however my arms that were above the waterline holding the book up that I was reading were still hurting. So I took another bath this morning, and let my arms soak in the combination Epsom salt and Baking Soda water. Worked like a charm - I no longer need to set with the heating pad on various parts of my body- Yeah!!! If you are dealing with muscle soreness I encourage you to give this a try!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Romantic Staycation

Well in my neck of the woods, I just returned from a "Romantic Staycation"!
Well you have heard a lot lately about "stay cations" and "family stay cations". However have you ever considered a "Romantic Stay cation"? Well this is what me and my hubby did this year. It was FAB! Every year my parents who live out of state take our girls for a week, to get to spend some quantity and quality time with them. Usually that leaves me at home, foot loose and fancy free, while Brent works, since he saves his vacation time for the family vacation. Well this year Princess #1 got braces, and yes our health insurance/dental insurance pays nothing (did you get that-Nothing! for them). So sob! This year we are having to indulge doing fun things around our town with the kids. So what ever was my husband going to do with his vacation time?.....(insert dramatic dun,dun, dah!!!! music here.) You guessed it, a "Romantic Stay cation"
Well you might ask yourself, what is a Romantic Stay cation. Well honestly it may look a little different for each couple out there depending on the ages of their kids, and what the couples interest are. For us, we set several ground rules approaching this week:

1. Not to be rushed! Also not to have every moment scheduled up! (our kids are at the age where they have their own schedules so our current life is pretty hectic shuffling kids to practices etc...)

2. We had to eat at restaurants that we had not tried for about 80-90% of our dining out experiences. We did not eat out every meal, and we did try to mix it up a little: one day we might eat breakfast out, but dined in for dinner. etc.. ( I learned at the German Restaurant that I do not care for sweet cabbage! yuck!)

3. We choose to sleep in (I LOVED THIS!!! The oldest princess is doing cross country this summer and I have to get up at 6:15 -AM!!! 5 days a week-sob!)

4. We choose to see several movies that were out, without having to pay for child care!! (and since hubby was off, we were able to catch matinee prices, as well as the early bird discount some days for the first movie showing.) Really I felt like a princess! Go ahead, ask what I think about a movie! I am in the know now, because I saw almost every first run movie out there that I wanted to see!

5. I did take a vacation from my diet this week. I did not restrict my food or beverages. (I did stick to diet soda when I wanted a pop). I did not weigh myself but once, and I did not enter my calories in the Lose it app. I also did not go to the gym, from July 5Th on. (Ugh! Missing the gym was the very hardest thing about this!) ( I believe that I have gained 3 pounds but this time was so worth it! I will get back on the diet horse on Monday!) I know, I know, I know if you are a diet purist, you might think I have lost my mind. However, I have not. I have been on a diet since Jan 7th. That is 6 months, with just a splurge meal, here or there calories always counted. I really needed this 6 days off, before I take my diet to the next level to help me loose the next 44 pounds. So no excuses, just a rational decision to take a vacation off for 6 days. I felt confident that I could do this at this time, because I have developed the tools and the strength to get back on the diet wagon on Monday.

6. We did connect with some other couples twice during the 6 day period. However we did limit this to only 2 times. (one night we went to 80's pub downtown, when it was free token night. They had all these old, 80's arcade video games to play! So much fun! I even got to put my initials on the high screen for centipede!-Only took 41 years to accomplish that goal!
&. We scheduled one day at home, except for church. I had a selection of books to read, and my hubby had a game for his PS3 to play. Downtime! Ah!! We slept in that day, lounged around.

We had so much fun! I felt like a newlywed again. It was amazing to get a chance to connect and talk without being interrupted by a child. We could pick a movie based on our interest, not on the entire families interest. It was exciting to re discover the uniqueness of one another as husband and wife, and not father and mother. We really did about everything we would have on a vacation: dined out, shopping, movies. However we did not have to pay for a hotel room, or a rental car. Nor did we have to loose time traveling to a different location. (Does this mean I would never want to travel anywhere - of course not! However if money is tight, this might be a great alternative!)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perfect pairing,

"You rule the oceans. You subdue their storm-tossed waves."
Psalm 89:9

(This verses makes me realize what an Amazing God we serve!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girl, sit down and let's catch up!

Hey Girlfriend, pull up a chair, do I have some things to share with you today. I love checking out other people's blogs! I learn so much from them- I tell everyone that blogs are hands down better than any magazine. Magazines only come out once a month, most people update their blog if not daily, then 3-4 times a week. It's like being friends with the super crafty mom, and bff with the girl who always knows the latest make-up or hair do technique. So I thought I would share some of the things that I have loved this past week either in blog land, or on the Internet.

First off, if you love to entertain and you have not checked out "Just a little something for you" you have to go check it out. Judy has a heart for entertaining others, and really blessing them as she opens the door to her house. Think of Judy, as God's version of Martha Stewart! This heart for others she has obviously passed on to her children. Judy posted on July 3rd, about a party that her daughter threw. The 4Th of July party her daughter threw had some great ideas for hosting a large get together for lunch or dinner! (very cute ideas on how to feed a large group of kids in a large gathering, and cute hostess gifts!) If you stop by leave Judy a sweet comment.
Another thing I have enjoyed listening to is Lysa Terkeurst was the last guest speaker for Elevation Church during their summer concert series. The audio of this can be downloaded on their podcast or the video can be watched from their archive on line here is the link for Elevation Church. Girl, I am telling you - that you are going to just love her!

Another blog that I love to check out, here again via two options: one her blog MakeupbyTiffanyD or subscribe to her YouTube channel. I love the tutorial she did on eyeliner how to: tightlining technique and lining the waterline tutorial. I try to keep up with some latest make up techniques because it is to easy for me to go on "auto-pilot" when it is time for me to do my make-up and do the same techniques that I have done FOREVER. I think Oprah may have referred to this type of "auto pilot" as "being caught in a time warp". Anything you have done the same way for 5 years should probably be looked at and re-evaluated on how your doing it. (doesn't TiffanyD have the best eyes?!)

Check out the above veggie haul that Amy from over at "A Snip of Goodness" grew and check out her wonderful heart touching post called "Bear much Fruit?" Amy has a heart for God and you will enjoy reading her post. If you stop by her blog, leaver her a comment and let her know that I sent you her way.

Well I have loved getting the chance to catch up with you! I hope you will take my advice, and that you might get a chance to read or watch these really good video! I know that they will brighten your day, encourage you, and maybe teach you something new. (I know I am smarter and better looking for just checking them out! Don't hurt yourself laughing to hard there!)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Due to my obsession with Pinterest - I felt I was obligated to try some new things this last week. My first attempt at something new was making the Rollo Brownie (see below) Here is a link to the recipe found on baking addiction that was posted by guest blogger Kristan from Confession of a cookbook queen. Her blog is to die for!

The second thing I was inspired to make for this past holiday weekend was the above photo of Mexican appetizer cups. My family loved these! Some even went so far as to say "just mix the filling and set it out in a bowl and serve with tortilla chips and call it a day". You can find this recipe at the Pillsbury website.

I also painted the little princess's toes to look like strawberries. (sorry I had not cleaned up the paint that had gotten on her toes before I took this picture) . She however did not care - she loved her strawberry painted toes.

Above is a photo of the oldest princess's nails when we were about half way done "tie dying" her nails. You can find an amazing tutorial at "hey nice nails!". This was a fun activity, but really messy!
Hope you have a great day, and that you are inspired to try something new today!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let's Celebrate Good "changes"-come on!

Hope everybody had a great 4Th of July! We went and enjoyed watching fireworks last night in a town next to ours. Above is a photo of the night sky. Who did you choose to celebrate with?

We choose to celebrate this year with family, a smaller celebration than last year. However still fun and enjoyable. (Above is a photo of Grace-our youngest princess sitting on her Daddy's lap watching the fireworks)

(above is my sister, my Daddy, and my sister's boyfriend - notice that my Daddy is sitting in between them.

My youngest had so much fun blowing bubbles waiting for the firework show to begin. She did not even seem to notice that it was 96 degrees outside. Bless the young!

Above is a photo of the other 2 princess in our house- Kaylee and Paige.

As I thought through out the day how we celebrate the 4Th of July, and why. I first was very thankful that we live in an amazing country that gives us so much freedom! That made my thoughts go down the path how do we celebrate the other good things that happen to us in our lives. On my weight loss journey - I have victories that are not just a change of the number on the scale.

I have had several this last week. So I thought I would Shout out with Glee on my blog some of the victories I have had this last week.

1. I went shopping for a new shirt -I had a great coupon from Fashion bug store. Fashion bug is a store for women's clothing that is divided in half where half the store has juniors and misses size, and the other half has women's plus size clothing. (Last year I went in there in May and purchased a bathing suit for vacation which was the biggest size I had EVER bought, and yes I looked longingly at the other side of the store and dreamed about one day losing enough weight to get to shop on "the other side of the store". (insert a deep sigh here). Notice the picture below and how the store is divided with a divider wall down the middle of the store.
Well guess what?!?! I got to shop on the other side of the store!!! Woo Hoo!

2. I went for a "walk/jog" the other night for the first time this year - and guess what? I jogged (now keep in mind this term is used loosely!) around an entire block!! Wow! I am growing stronger and more in shape. Progress!

3. I only had 1 (one) hamburger for dinner the night of the 4Th! (last year I had 2/3 yikes!) Some victories are small, but it is important to recognize the changes that you are successful at making and stay positive!!

4. When I leave body pump class now, I am tired and sweaty - However I am now recognizable! I am not drowned in sweat where I have no make-up left on my face, and my hair looks like I have taken a shower. (I still am sweaty but I now appear to glisten, not drenched!)

5. I now can do 16 girl push ups in a row!!! (Baby steps!!)

6. On the squat portion of the class (I take body pump 2 times a week) I went up in weight to a 10 pound weight on each side of my bar bell- Yeah!!! (I started with a 5 pound on each side - back in March.)

With all the above reasons for me to celebrate this week. My two favorite sayings for the week are:

*IF you change nothing,
nothing will change!

*You can bike ride, swim, run
no matter how slow you go,
you're still lapping everyone
on the couch!

What victories have you had this last week or two in your life?

Are you recognizing them? Are you celebrating them? I would love to hear from you!! I will celebrate with you! Positive, healthy changes add up! Keep on Keeping on!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Can you be good without God?

USA Today website reported yesterday that the Freedom from Religion Foundation is taking 4Th of July as an opportunity to publicly proclaim their presence in the United States. Their group mailed out over 15,000 "happy human" pins to it's members who are atheist. Encouraging them to wear them on the 4Th to promote conversation about their motto: "You can be good without God". As a christian God fearing woman "I AGREE" you can be be "Good" without God!

The bible (I know shocking isn't it) says in Luke 6:32 & 33 "If you love only those who love you, why should you get credit for that? Even sinners love those who love them! And if you do good only to those who do good to you, why should you get credit? Even sinners do that much!"

Isn't that interesting, the bible says that doing good to those who are good to us is in our very nature. However, the Bible radically challenges Christians to do more, go farther in their actions - put love into actions that is so radical that it goes against our nature, and what makes sense to us in our thinking!

It states in Luke 6:27&28 "But to you who are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies! Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you."
Say what? You want me to nice to the lady who just almost ran me down with her shopping cart at the Walmart? You want me to be nice to the lady who makes fun, of me & my husband that we go on "date night"? You want me to be forgiving and kind to the lady who is never nice at the gym? You want me to be kind, to the lady who always grumbles and complains? You want me to be nice to the mom who does not encourage her children to be kind to others, in fact I have heard her praising them when they have been behaving with self centered actions? You want me to be nice to the lady who invited a bunch of women out to eat but did not include me? You want me to be nice and kind to a kid who makes my child's life miserable at school? You want me to be nice to the lady at the pool, who mocks people who are struggling with weight issues? Lord that is asking a lot from me, from anyone!
God that is a lot to ask! How can I even begin to do the things you want me to do. To love the unlovable, to be kind to the unkind. When in my nature I just want to cross my arms over my chest, take my toys and go home! I only am able to love others, be kind, when I realize how much God loves me, and see others how God sees them, and how much God loves the unlovable, unkind, prickly person standing next to me at the store. (1 John 4:11 & Colossians 1:8) I can not do this on my own! No matter how much I want to be "good"!

I am afraid more of us christian do not put that love in action, so the Lord of Lords does not get the praise and credit that is due to him. If I would not be so worried about "my rights", "my feelings", and more worried about loving others for God, he might get praised!
This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.
1 John 3:9-11 (in Context) 1 John 3 (Whole Chapter)

Wouldn't it be so amazing if Christians "really started loving people" who were unkind, unlovable, difficult, prickly people -so much so, that people were just awe struck! Then God would be glorified, and he would get all the credit, and how would good really measure up against love then?

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4Th of July, and I hope you take some time to ponder if you are "good" or are you showing Christ's love to others?

Friday, July 1, 2011

down 56.3 pounds

Do you need to lose weight? Have you tried before only to be derailed from your efforts? I know! I had slowly gained weight over a decade of having 3 babies. On one hand I knew I was gaining weight, on the other hand it just did not seem that important to me I was busy enjoying my life, and my kiddos to try to focus on that. Then one day I saw a picture of myself and my daughter that was taken as we were walking down the beach. OH MY GOODNESS!! Can you imagine my horror, when I realized how large I had become! Why, oh why had my husband not told me? Yes, I saw myself everyday as I applied my make-up and styled my hair. However I did not get a full length body shot in the mirror every day. In fact the more I thought about it, when I sat down to do my hair and makeup the mirror just let me see about boobs up. As a began to take an inventory of what my body really looked like now. I will be honest with you I was overwhelmed!!! I thought is it even possible to loose this much weight without surgery? I just did not know.
Then last fall, I attended the Friday night football game, at our local High School. It is the event of the week in a small town! Notice all the kids out on the field for the pre-game welcome of our high school football team. I mean to tell you the whole town shows up for the Friday night football game. (think Friday Night Live, TV show). It was there that I spotted a lady who had once been heavy who was amazingly skinny!!! I had to know right then and there -How? What did she do? I did not realize it then, but seeing her success made me realize that there was hope for me, I had potential to lose weight to. After all, if she could do it, so could I!
I started gathering information on how she had done it, talking over the possibility that I should really
gear up and try to lose the weight I had accumulated. I decided to start in January after the holiday (after all I had decided it would be very hard to start during that time of year). My husband, and my mom
became my cheerleaders! They refused to accept excuses from me. They told me it was possible to lose the weight if I really tried.

So I have to tell you as of this week I am down 56.3pounds. I am so excited that I moving right along in this weight loss journey that I am on! I was stopped yesterday at the grocery store in my
small town and was asked how I am losing my weight. Yeah! Clerks at the store are even noticing all
my hard work!! I have to tell you I have 44 pounds left to go - but I now know it is possible! I can do this
and I will do this. If you need to lose weight, or are starting to question if it is possible and even worth
trying I want to encourage you to see the potential in yourself! You can do this!


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