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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Romantic Staycation

Well in my neck of the woods, I just returned from a "Romantic Staycation"!
Well you have heard a lot lately about "stay cations" and "family stay cations". However have you ever considered a "Romantic Stay cation"? Well this is what me and my hubby did this year. It was FAB! Every year my parents who live out of state take our girls for a week, to get to spend some quantity and quality time with them. Usually that leaves me at home, foot loose and fancy free, while Brent works, since he saves his vacation time for the family vacation. Well this year Princess #1 got braces, and yes our health insurance/dental insurance pays nothing (did you get that-Nothing! for them). So sob! This year we are having to indulge doing fun things around our town with the kids. So what ever was my husband going to do with his vacation time?.....(insert dramatic dun,dun, dah!!!! music here.) You guessed it, a "Romantic Stay cation"
Well you might ask yourself, what is a Romantic Stay cation. Well honestly it may look a little different for each couple out there depending on the ages of their kids, and what the couples interest are. For us, we set several ground rules approaching this week:

1. Not to be rushed! Also not to have every moment scheduled up! (our kids are at the age where they have their own schedules so our current life is pretty hectic shuffling kids to practices etc...)

2. We had to eat at restaurants that we had not tried for about 80-90% of our dining out experiences. We did not eat out every meal, and we did try to mix it up a little: one day we might eat breakfast out, but dined in for dinner. etc.. ( I learned at the German Restaurant that I do not care for sweet cabbage! yuck!)

3. We choose to sleep in (I LOVED THIS!!! The oldest princess is doing cross country this summer and I have to get up at 6:15 -AM!!! 5 days a week-sob!)

4. We choose to see several movies that were out, without having to pay for child care!! (and since hubby was off, we were able to catch matinee prices, as well as the early bird discount some days for the first movie showing.) Really I felt like a princess! Go ahead, ask what I think about a movie! I am in the know now, because I saw almost every first run movie out there that I wanted to see!

5. I did take a vacation from my diet this week. I did not restrict my food or beverages. (I did stick to diet soda when I wanted a pop). I did not weigh myself but once, and I did not enter my calories in the Lose it app. I also did not go to the gym, from July 5Th on. (Ugh! Missing the gym was the very hardest thing about this!) ( I believe that I have gained 3 pounds but this time was so worth it! I will get back on the diet horse on Monday!) I know, I know, I know if you are a diet purist, you might think I have lost my mind. However, I have not. I have been on a diet since Jan 7th. That is 6 months, with just a splurge meal, here or there calories always counted. I really needed this 6 days off, before I take my diet to the next level to help me loose the next 44 pounds. So no excuses, just a rational decision to take a vacation off for 6 days. I felt confident that I could do this at this time, because I have developed the tools and the strength to get back on the diet wagon on Monday.

6. We did connect with some other couples twice during the 6 day period. However we did limit this to only 2 times. (one night we went to 80's pub downtown, when it was free token night. They had all these old, 80's arcade video games to play! So much fun! I even got to put my initials on the high screen for centipede!-Only took 41 years to accomplish that goal!
&. We scheduled one day at home, except for church. I had a selection of books to read, and my hubby had a game for his PS3 to play. Downtime! Ah!! We slept in that day, lounged around.

We had so much fun! I felt like a newlywed again. It was amazing to get a chance to connect and talk without being interrupted by a child. We could pick a movie based on our interest, not on the entire families interest. It was exciting to re discover the uniqueness of one another as husband and wife, and not father and mother. We really did about everything we would have on a vacation: dined out, shopping, movies. However we did not have to pay for a hotel room, or a rental car. Nor did we have to loose time traveling to a different location. (Does this mean I would never want to travel anywhere - of course not! However if money is tight, this might be a great alternative!)


  1. Besides being fun, it's such a healthy thing for a marriage.

  2. Yay for you and your romantic staycation!

  3. How fun! I love that you really took advantage of your week and had fun.

    I'm not sure if you saw it or not, but I did a post on weight loss on The RHOK yesterday. I even came to your Pinterest page to collect some pictures for it. =)

    Glad you linked up this week for In Your Neck of the Woods!

  4. Nice! I would ruin the staycation with projects around the house. I can't imagine the Doc taking time off to hang at home. What a dream!
    ~ Priss

  5. Sounds like a grand idea! What a perfect time to reconnect and rekindle that flame.

  6. Over from your Mom's blog and glad I came...great idea a staycation! We live on a lake in NW Arkansas and rarely go anywhere on vacation now. I guess we are pretty boring people but it's our idea of fun to do NOTHING instead of going 24/7! That's what happens when you get OLD! Come over to Granny Mountain for a vist... Joycee

  7. Read about your blog on your Mom's glad I checked it out. Loved your staycation.

  8. Sounds like an awesome idea! I don't have kids at home anymore but it seems like I'm always running. The idea of sleeping as long as I want - eating out - and just NOT rushing - sounds wonderful!

  9. What a terrific thing for your marriage! :) Our kids will be gone the last three days of July (they're going to Great Wolf Lodge with our older daughter and her family) so maybe we'll have to give some of your ideas a shot. :) Thanks for a great post!

  10. I had to come say Hello becasue I am a fan of your Mom's blog and I just had to meet the daughter. My husband took some vacation time last week so we stayed home to be tourists in our own area too. It was very relaxing. I think it's necessary to have "grown-up time" with your husband. It helps you connect to each other.

    Glad I came over. I'll be by again.

  11. I've always loved your way with creative money saving! So inspiring!!
    p.s. Greg and I just spoke on Finances at Asbury's Date Night last night - I could have used you there! :-)



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