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Friday, July 22, 2011


When it's summer time, I think a lot about toes! I guess because as the heat rises I live in flip flops or go bare foot. Last summer the "Zach Brown band" had a hit out called "toes".

This summer since I have added yoga and pilates to my routine, I find myself not only barefoot but also bending over and looking at them ALOT!! (below is a pic of me from yoga class)

So I am really loving fun, happy, surprising nail polish colors for my toes. Right now I am loving green nail polish, last week it was a buttercup yellow.

What simple pleasures of summer make you smile??

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  1. I never wore green polish but it sure looks good on your toes. I like reading about your experience with spinning at the Sky Gym. I think I would like to try it. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Love the green polish! :) And I KNOW I would love the yellow. One of my favorite colors. I've never tried yoga or pilates. Sounds like you're fairly new to it, so tell me: Is it incredibly difficult? Are you sore to the point of misery for days and days when you first start doing it? I know, I know...I'm nosy. But I prefer to think of it as 'delightfully curious'. ;)

  3. I love all things GREEN - money, foilage, and yes, even your toes!



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