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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ouch! What to do if your muscles hurt!

Well I went back to the gym on Monday, following my lovely stay cation. I assumed it would be a little rough, but not to bad. I assumed wrong!! Ouch! I hurt- my legs hurt, my arms hurt! It is safe to say I hurt everywhere!

Well what is a girl to do? I tried drinking some water with baking soda in it. Let's just say this did not work, and tasted a lot like drinking alka seltzer - yuck!

I then tried Tues night to take a long hot bath, with Epsom Salt and Baking soda in the water. I was Leary because Epsom Salt had never really seemed to work, but I had read several websites that listed this concoction of Baking soda & Epsom salt.

Well will wonders never cease! I took a long hot soak, in the bath tub. I read part of a wonderful romance novel while soaking in the tub. I giggled in a few hours after the bath, my legs felt wonderful!! No longer hurting, cramping muscles - however my arms that were above the waterline holding the book up that I was reading were still hurting. So I took another bath this morning, and let my arms soak in the combination Epsom salt and Baking Soda water. Worked like a charm - I no longer need to set with the heating pad on various parts of my body- Yeah!!! If you are dealing with muscle soreness I encourage you to give this a try!

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  1. Epsom salt is wonderful for achy muscles! Did you stretch after your workout? The times I forget to do a stretching routine afterward are the times I suffer most!



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