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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's show time!

It's so hot outside, and I wanna stay in the A/C. New movies are hitting the local theaters. I love going to the movies, however going to the
movies puts me directly in temptation to over eat on really bad for you popcorn!

USA Today reports "A large popcorn at AMC has 16 cups, 1,030 calories and 57 grams of saturated fat. A large from Cinemark: 17 cups and 910 calories, 4 grams of saturated fat.". The popcorn not only looks good, it smells good.

So how to handle the movie theater temptation. I have been fighting the temptation by buying a sucker. I know there is no real nutritional value in a sucker. However, hear me out. A sucker's calorie count generally runs between 60 & 100 calories. A sucker takes almost the whole movie to suck on! You will not be able to pop anything into your mouth to eat if you have a sucker in it. (also suckers come in some fun flavors that you might not have been enjoying, if you are watching what you eat. So a sucker can really be a sweet treat, and a safe way to go to the movies. A little like bowling with the bumper rails up).

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  1. Great idea, except I cannot suck on candy--I always wind up biting into it. Thus I eat more than I should. My solution is just to stay away from the movies!

  2. Girl...I HEAR YA! I have struggled with this my whole adult life!! After watching a medical program about the nutrition stat.s of popcorn a few years back, I have started taking my own low fat microwave popcorn from home. The doctor on the program told us to tell the theater that it was "our doctors orders." I would also add - "until you start providing some healthy snack options...I will be bringing my own." I'm like you, the smell of it makes me go crazy! I simply MUST be munching on some while I'm at the movies!! :-)-



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