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Monday, July 18, 2011

Go Wild!

Back to school is getting closer, and I thought I would share what my daughter did for her handouts in last years elections.
My oldest daughter decided to run for National Junior Honor Society president this last year. Above is the pop & mini candy bars she handed out one day during the election period.

Above is the mint packets that she handed out while campaigning. Below is the suckers she handed out.

She used the slogan "Go Wild and Vote for Kaylee" most of the time, since we used animal print paper on her hand outs and posters. All that is except for the mints, pictured above.

Kaylee had fun running her election and it was a great experience for her. However she did not win, another student won. (Yes, she had cute hand outs as well). As much as I would have loved to shield my daughter from this loss. I think that is just as big part of life as well, for our children to learn how to lose gracefully, and win gracefully. Because we all know you can't win every time, and sometime how you loose says more about you, than how you act when you win.

What life lessons do you as a parent, find it hard to watch your kids learn?? (parenting is hard!)

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  1. Life lessons are some of the hardest to learn.
    You're such a good Mom.



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