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Friday, June 17, 2011

Put your hands up! How are your fingernails painted?

Well my brother has a theory that "if" a lady has a tattoo if she will tell him where it is located he can guess her age. (within 5 years based on trends). So since I have added Yoga to my work out routine this last 2 weeks I have been staring at my toes a lot. I have been dreaming of all the pretty shades of color that I could use to paint my toes. So the other day at the pool I wonder if the same "theory" could be applied to Nail polish, on the toes. So I started making a point to peek at the ladies toes around me to see what colors they were using. To my surprise at both pools about everyone over 20 kept to either Red or Hot Pink. However, imagine my surprise when I looked at one ladies toes and one (1) toe was painted a different color. A Different color! What was that all about?
I mean did she run out of nail polish for her big toe or what? Well I was quite surprised when I came home and did an Internet search on nail polish trends. I discovered it is very much the thing when painting your fingernails to paint the "Ring Finger" a different color. I found tons of pictures demonstrating this technique from the outrageous to the tame. From the famous to the not so famous. So what Do you all think? Do you like this new trend? For more information or to see more photos of this trend, check out GirlsinthePoodleshoe blog.

I think the more I get used to it, the more I like it! At least simply done, like above.

I never have my nails done this elaborately. However if I paid to have them done I might add a design on the ring finger instead of painting it a different color.

Well while I was researching nail polish trend I stumbled upon these cute photos of "Strawberry nails". My girls are going to go crazy over this! I even think I can paint this one for them. (some dots, and jagged lines are definitely in my artistic skill set!)
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I've noticed that trend, but it's not one I'd do even if I polished my fingernails. I'm too OCD!

  2. Mine are polish free but it would drive me crazy to have that on my hands?
    Now... a flower on my big toe nail is a must!

  3. You've got some pretty feet there, Ms. Yoga "thang"...My fingernails are naked and my toenails have light peach on them. *yawn*
    BORING!! As one becomes of-a-certain-age
    one trys not to draw attention to body parts, so enjoy it while you can!! I think it all looks like great fun. I'm thinking I need to find my hot pink polish for my toes!

  4. I like a french manicure, does that make me kinda old fashioned, but short, not long. I've noticed some of the younger girls having the reverse french, with colored tips, and natural beds. I kinda like it. My toes right now are silver, but i'm not really feelin it. I usually do french there too. French just feels so clean to me and doesn't look as bad when it chips a little. I love the trend you pointed out with the ring finger different, hadn't seen that. Wonder if it is on both hands, and only if you wear a ring?? L-O-V-E the strawberries, my girls will go ape over that one. I would love it on their toes for summer! Thanks for sharing, cute post.



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