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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hiding behind a computer

Have you actually stopped and read some of the comments on your favorite blogs, or YouTube channel?

I was shocked when I read some of the comments that were being left to "Meganheartsmakeup". If you or your daughter have not discovered her, she soon will! Megan has a makeup how-to channel on YouTube for 2 years or so. The girl is polite, cute, funny, and informative in her videos. Megan occasional will address such issues as girls respecting themselves, and self esteem. Seventeen magazine has recently hired her since January of this year, and she has a page in their magazine each month on everything from make-up to hair do's. However some of the comments that she has had to endure or put up with have been shocking for example the following is just one of such comments left on her YouTube wall:

@macie1243 LMAO. I think she's ugly, but in this video her make-up looks pretty and her eyes are gorgeous. Besides that, I think she's not pretty on any level. That makes me strange? Ok!

Teresa Collins another blogger who owns a scrapbook company listed some of the comments she has had to endure :
You are ?????? years old.. You have never used the rubber bands, yet somehow you 'LOVE' them now. You are so shallow and inexperienced. I have a suggestion for you. Instead of (posers boot camp), maybe you should take a class in English grammer and composition. Your writing is quite embarasing. Your experience level is obviously quite limited. Why do you think anybody would want to read your whinning and complaining about your pretend 'boot camp'. You are such a tool. It's funny how you pay people to train you, and you think they respect you. A clue for the 'clueless', they don't care about you and they even make fun of you after you leave. You are so pathetic. How come you are constantly losing weight, (6 pounds here and 2 pounds there), yet you are still a COW. I saw you walking today (on 1300 east) (not running)(in the ugliest pink sweat pants I have ever seen), you are bigger than ever. You are such a joke!"

I am shocked that so many people are comfortable being so rude hiding behind their computer! In the real world I doubt very many people would actually be rude enough to say something like
those comments to someone else's face. Or infront of people that they know. After all what would their family and friends say about how they are acting.

I know some may try to argue that they are just trying to "keep it real" or "honest". However, I don't think people are trying to "keep it real" or "honest". I think it is just an excuse for being rude. (Notice the hurtful comments are not directed at the post or video blog it is directed at the person personally!)

Cyber bullying comes in all forms and shapes. I do not read anything informative from the two above sample mean hearted comments left for others on their blog post. I think this form of cyber bullying is social acceptable, I just don't think it should be. (note: I do not know either of
those 2 ladies who have been subject to these hurtful comments. I know that there are probably more out there-these are just 2 that I have happened to stumble upon)
My mom always told me, "If I can't say something nice, I should just keep my mouth shut!"
It really is possible to read something you don't like and not to leave hurtful comments behind!

What are your thoughts on the subject? Have you suffered any hurtful comments on your blog?


  1. Some people never grow up and out of the "Mean Girl" mindset, they just become "Mean Women". Sad and pathetic.

    I have a Bloggy friend, Jennifer, and she is on a weight journey much like yours. I have told her about you and expect that she'll be dropping by soon. You can find her blog at


    You gals share a lot in common and I'm thinking you will each serve as an encouragement to the other. You'll love her; she's a sweetie!

  2. I posted something similar today. I sometimes cannot BELIEVE how cruel people are. Frankly, it's cowardly to say these things online. It's like a 'hit and run'.

  3. Yuck. If you don't like it, don't read it!

  4. Sometimes it is better to agree to disagree and not make an issue out of disagreements. One of the very few good things to come out of my step-mother was her insistence that we learn to say something nice about someone if we made a negative comment. I try to do that and it causes me less problems/complications. Thanks for posting this. Sharon



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