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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You mean it takes work?

I have to admit it! I always thought that you either were naturally thin or you were not. I mean I had read the articles with super models who said that they did not diet, they just enjoyed biking and walking with their families. I saw countless of very skinny, tiny girls at church - I saw that during VBS they ate a chocolate chip cookie with the kids. I felt so overwhelmed and mad at my genes. I was so frustrated I wanted to be classified as a "skinny chic" who would look good in clothes. I did not realize that it took work! I am honest! I did not realize that other ladies worked at being thin. My own mom who is itty bitty - never seem to have to work at it. Oh, she occasionally would watch what she ate. Once she was passed 40 she started walking. However that just never seemed like it took a lot for her to maintain her youthful appearance.

I remember that I started my weight loss journey in January, thinking ok it is just a "food issue" I have to get this under control. "I wonder why some people can eat anything they want, but it is such a struggle for me?" Well you should have seen all my thoughts the first week I went to the gym back in March. I could not believe all the ladies I knew that I was running into!!! I was a little awe struck! Here I had admired some of these very thin, beautiful ladies from my previous church for years!! I had been jealous that they could shop, and & come to church in the latest styles. (I know jealous is not a good emotion, but I am trying to keep it real!) I was shocked that I saw some of these same ladies showing up at the gym day after day, putting in some grueling workouts. These ladies did not just have "great" genes! These ladies sacrificed for it! It was such a relief to me. It was an "Ah-Ha!" moment for me.
It connected in my brain that being in good shape, wasn't just about eating 100% perfect all the time! (Because really who can be 100% perfect all the time!) It was combining good eating choices, with exercise that pulls staying healthy all together. It finally made sense! To me it was like finding the perfect recipe for the best banana bread! It has started to click. I don't feel angry anymore that I have genes that allow the excess fat I store to be on my thighs. I am not frustrated that I have to make good eating choices. I realize for the most part everyone who is over 40 and in good shape probably has to deal with both of these issues - they may have just had it figured out before I did!


  1. Same thing applies to those women who are on the covers of magazines. If we could see them first thing in the morning without their hair and makeup done, we probably wouldn't be very envious. Plus how many people do they have helping them become beautiful? If we only knew....

  2. Healthy attitude & view on your health! I'm still not convinced that these skinny, "beautiful" people are not scarfing double cheeseburgers LOL.
    Keep on your journey. God is definitely speaking to others through you!



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