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Friday, June 10, 2011

Do you need some inspiration?

Do you need some inspiration? Do you need to hear something positive? Do you need to be encouraged during the season of life that you find yourself in. Be it, single, married, divorced, etc... Well I am loving the new series by pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church from Charlotte North Caroline. I know I don't even go to his church, but his sermons are on my ipod every week. The new series is called Mr. & Mrs. Betterhalf. You can find them on itunes to download for free as an audio podcast or you can go to their website and listen from their archive at Elevation church. I included a link to their archive for your convenience.
Whether you are looking for Mr. Right, or you have found Mr. Right. Or you are raising kids that will be looking for Mr. Right! Check at this series!! Do Not Forget the Bonus teaching by Dr. Emerson so funny & so true!! For anyone who wants to understand why men & women are really different and how we handle and react differently to conflict. Also if you are raising boys to be men I would say that this message is one you can not afford to miss hearing!! LOVE IT! Love It!!! Love it!! I hope you are inspired in wherever you are in your life's journey! Happy Friday! I hope you have a Great Weekend!!!


  1. Do his podcasts come audio version? I have the oooold style of ipod that doesn't do videos. :-)



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