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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three wise men

Here is a picture of my daughter, and 2 of her friends when they were little. We made wise men hats. As we decorated them we talked about the story of the birth of Christ, and how the wisemen came and brought gifts to baby Jesus. This was a fun activity that allowed me to share our faith with my little one and her friends. I think kids learn and have a better understanding of a story when you can include them in doing something fun. Then the fun part came when they got to play in them.
Having "touchable" nativity sets are great, as well as putting "angel" or "shephards" clothing in your dress up center for your kids to play with for the month of December.
Hope some of these ideas spark some imaginative play for you and your kids this December.

That reminds me if you need a visual reminder or love to decorate with subway art for the holiday you have to check out Jessica's blog Craftily Ever After She has a free printable Wisemen art!!
Is that not the cutest!!! You will have to check it out!!

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