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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 year in review

Have you ever read something on a blog and thought "that is neat" or "that's something to think about" and then later that thought keeps creeping back into your mind when you least expected it? Well that is what Tara's post from Jan 4th from her blog "Family Traditions...One story at a time" did to me!

Tara posted on her blog about picking a "word" as a theme for your upcoming year. An idea "of having a WORD to define you and move you through the upcoming year." I thought this was an interesting idea, and then I found myself at quiet times thinking about this concept. What word did I want to pick for 2010? Well for those of your who have read my past post know that I selected the word "margin" for my theme word for 2010.

Well here is my 2010 review of look back on how that word or concept was used in my prayer life, and daily or sometimes weekly quiet time to make a difference in my life. Well I did finish my Beth Moore bible study that I had been working on by myself (boy that takes discipline- much easier to do with a group that will hold you accountable). Secondly I did add more time and arranged my time before school to help get the girls off to school better, with less stress. Those are ways God helped me improve or work on my margins. God also took the liberty to point out where I thought I had margin built into my budget - that I really could not depend on myself but had to depend on him even if I had margin in my life. (the heater went out upstairs, both AC units went out, the van broke down, my dishwasher broke down 3 times this year, and my washing machine broke as well) yes, God sometimes has to hit me over the head in order to make a point. Margins may help in having a peaceful life but only God can be my strength and my comfort. That is what I learned in 2010.

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