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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well I have tried regular dieting - ugh!! I have tried the HCG diet - which I was loving until I started fainting - you see I am border line hypoglycemic and my body did not like the 500 calorie restriction. So I tried just exercising, the scale only budged -3 pounds, and I fell while jogging one morning and fractured my arm. (call me graceful!) So I took the fall off and made snow angels in the pit of despair. Until that is I heard of one lady in my small town who had lost around 80 some pounds and was looking fabulous!!!
I'll be honest the lady looked sooo good I thought for sure she had surgery to lose the weight! Well small towns are funny - you don't have to be "friends" with some one to hear about what they are doing. (isn't that crazy!!!) (I know!!!!) (one time I went to a movie premier umm... Eclipse and someone posted on my facebook page how they were surprised I hadn't posted on my status about the midnight premier. I tell you what low and behold before I could even respond - someone else had responded for me, that they had just seen me and I was there at the movie theatre! I got the biggest laugh at that one. Truly like Miranda Lambert song says "everyone dies famous in a small town!"
Well I had heard that this Sexy, hot looking momma had gone to a weight loss clinic to get an rx. I was shocked I had always been scared of Rx, but knew at this point I had tried about everything else but RX and surgery. So I did some research found out that the RX was safe. Also if I was a smoker who had smoked for a decade everyone would tell me to go get on a patch or get some RX to help me break the habit. So I decided that I would try the RX to see if it would help me break bad eating habits that I am embarrassed to say I have had the last 10 years.
I have been on the diet for 3 weeks now. The medicine helps curb my appetite where I am not STARVING all the time. I do get hungry for meals, but when I eat a correct portion I am satisfied! I do keep track of my calories (LOSE IT! app on the Ipod) (I am keeping my calories btwn 850-1000 most days!) and I am doing regular exercise (no jogging thank you) I am walking, lifting weights, and doing sit ups. I do go into the doctor's office once a week for a HCG and B12 shot. I have to admit I did not realize that I would still have to do all the things I had done on a diet when I tried it by my self but this time I think I can last to lose my 90 pounds because I am not STARVING and starting to feel desperate at week 3. In fact I feel completely in charge. (Thank goodness!) I am down 16 pounds so far, and counting!!!
Thanks for letting me post - I Admit this post is mainly for me, to help me document the start of something new in my life. Thanks for letting me run on!! If you have read all of this What have you done to be successful at dieting? What do you think was the best way to be motivated to exercise? What method of dieting was successful for you???

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  1. So...what is it you're doing? Biomatrix? A friend of mine has had great success with that program. My husband needs to lose about 100 lbs, so I'm very interested. Thanks.



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