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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

book review: Spark

This book was one of the many I have read recently while on my weight loss journey. I found it most interesting how it is trying to challenge the school system on how they do P.E. class. They said how P.E. class was taught by old standards such as who could do a chin up, 65% of the students couldn't! So what does that do to kids and their attitude about wanting to come to a physical activity class. It is very discouraging. Also it stated "that less than 30% of adults over the age of 24 stay in shape through playing a team sport." So why are P.E. classes focused on trying to teach youth sports to American kids. If they want to really make an impact and teach kids how to stay healthy the focus should not be on how many chin ups, or sit ups one can do in a minute. Or if you know how to play dodge ball. The emphasis should be on what is your active heart rate, what is a resting heart rate. You should encourage all kids to move 3-4 times a week 20-30mins at least to get their heart rate up to stay in shape, and burn calories. This can be made fun, and gave several schools and examples as to what they are doing to make it fun for the kids to get moving. However the rating system on pass or fail is not how strong you are but how fit you are striving to be! I loved this!!! I wish my kids schools would adopt this type of program!
What was even more interesting is that one school who adopted this program for it's junior high and high school reported that not only did standarized testing raised 17%-18% on average. They did not have a single fist fight reported for 2,000 for a 2 year span! Wow!!! Talk about making good healthy habits a life style! Because honestly do any on you adults out there stay in shape weekly playing basketball or football unless you are a professional? Even then they are taught do add aerobic and weight lifting into their routine to help stay in shape! Check this book out it is a good read, and food for thought! (The book also covered the mental connection with exercise but the above focus was what really stood out to me as different from what other books out there were trying to say!)

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