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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boiled Peanuts!!

The above is a picture of what a boiled peanut looks like. Why, you ask yourself am I blogging about boiled peanuts? Well I love reading christian novels by author Denise Hildreth. (some names of her books are: Savannah from Savannah, Savannah comes Undone, Savannah by the sea,). Denise's books Alas (so far at least) has a main character from the South - and in her books she describes the beauty and novelty of living in the south.

One such novelty Denise covers is "boiled peanuts". I for one had never heard of such a thing! So on our vacation thru several southern states while making our way to Florida - I looked for boiled peanuts. Yep, sure enough they sale them in convenience stores as well as side of the road (Yes, you heard me right) fruit stands. I had visions that they shelled the peanuts and boiled them like beans - but no! Notice the picture above they boil the entire peanut (imagine my surprise) They also come in 2 flavors 1)plain, and 2) Cajun

Here is a picture as I am about to try one. (Now I did have to ask how to eat them - I was unsure -do I eat the entire peanut shell and all - after all that is how they are cooked! I found out that the answer is no. You take the hot, kinda still wet peanut and tear the shell off of it, and eat the boiled peanut. The consistency of a boiled peanut reminds me along the same lines of a boiled bean - but with a totally different taste!
Well I tried the plain kind - and I would give it a 4 or just okay for flavor, but I would give it a 10 in trying something new. (next time I think I will try the Cajun flavor!)

Have any on you ever heard of boiled peanuts before? Did you like them? I encourage you to try something new, at least every 3 months! It keeps life interesting and fresh! (maybe even you!) What have you tried lately????


  1. hmmmm... I think I'm gonna have to try these... I'll live on the edge and get the Cajun ones. If I find any, I'll submit a review.
    As usual- you are truly a source of inspiration.

  2. Boiled Peanuts?
    Blakk! Yuk! Nasty!
    Why would anyone do this to a perfecly good peanut that could & SHOULD be roasted & salted to be enjoyed. LOL

    I was quite brave and tried something new recently - A "Wine-arita".
    Yes, it was MUCH BETTER than a boiled peanut.
    Yummy! This is what I call "living on the edge"!

  3. Boiled peanuts are something that I am not familiar with! Although, I think I was aware of them. Probably wouldn't think to try though:)

  4. Raised in the South, but I've never had a boiled peanut. Guess it would help if I actually liked peanuts...

  5. I live in FL, so I surely do know boiled peanuts. I like them but my husband doesn't care too much for them. I think its like cilantro, you either love it or hate it.



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