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Monday, January 2, 2012

Theme Word for 2012

A few years back, I read how someone instead of just setting New Year Resolution, after praying about what God wanted to do in their life for the upcoming year, would choose a "Theme" word to focus on and pray on, and see what God would do regarding that word in their life. The thought was that by not setting real strict goals, that could "box" God in, and keep you from being lead to do something you never imagined to do. The focus being on God, and not what I could accomplish, I loved this!! So I started that tradition, the first year my word was "margins" God worked mightily to show me where to add margins in my life, and where margins were needed and where they were absolutely necessary. The second year, my theme word was Cultivate. I believe that God has cultivated in my life a more discipline quiet time with him, as well as a more healthy lifestyle over the last year. So this year when I started praying for the correct, or right theme word, it took a curvy path to end up at the right word. The Word God laid upon my heart was "Choice".
I really had no idea, that this was going to be the word God gave me for 2012! I thought it might be "resolution" which I thought was pretty funny since the whole theme word, came from not setting "new year resolutions". However the word "resolution" was thrust in my mind when I was watching a promo of the upcoming bible study that my small group is going to do. We are going to be starting the bible study based on the movie "Courageous". The women's book that accompanies this study is called "Resolution" it's premise as I understood it, is that the type of life we want is developed based on the small choices we make each day. So we as Christian woman should "resolve" or decide before hand the type of life we want, so that making decisions would be easy. I liked this and prayed about this, but God kept leading me back to the daily Choices we each make in that whole formula.
I admit that I am a geek. I love to know what words mean. So I looked up "choices" and could not find it in the dictionary, but I did find the word "Choice".

Choice (noun:)
1. The act of choosing
2. the power of choosing
3a the best part
3b. a person/thing chosen
4. a number & variety to choose among
5 a care in selecting

(which really got me saying, "yes, God I am so excited to see what you are going to bring into my life through praying for your Choice in my life)
then I read on, hitting the adjective definition of Choice:
1. Worthy of being chosen
2. selected with care
3a. of high quality
3b. of a grade between prime and good
(which Webster's defined "prime" as: the chief or best individual or part.

Isn't that what I want from my life. To give God my best or "prime" part of my life, and receive his best, or "prime" part of God. To make the right choice, as I live my life daily in the small things, to the big things in life. So that is what I am praying and focusing on and I can't wait to see what God is going to do in 2012!!!

So here is to living a "Choice" life! Here is to making the right "Choice" in 2012!!!

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