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Friday, January 6, 2012

Am I a mom or am I a maid?

My family saw the new Muppet movie over Christmas break. The movie was fun, enjoyable, clean. My husband & I enjoyed the retro feel of the movie and getting a chance to introduce our kids to the "Muppet experience" that we grew up with.

Some of the new songs are really catchy and just stick with you. My girls favorite song was "Am I a man or am I a muppet" (lyrics printed below)
gary: i reflect on my reflectionand i ask myself the question whats the right direction to go i dont know am i a man
or am i a muppet if im a muppet then im a very manly muppet
am i a muppet or am i a manif im a man that makes me a muppet of a man
Walter: i look into these eyes and i dont recognizethe one i see inside its time for me to decide am i a man or am i a muppet
if im a muppet then im a very manly muppet
am i a muppet or am i a man
if im a man that makes me a muppet of a man
here i go againi think i made up my mind now i understand who i am
im a man im a muppet im a muppet of a man
im a very manly muppet this is what i am

So as I was trying to quickly get around this morning, I counted 3 pairs of shoes & 10 cups out in the living room, and dining room area (keep in mind there are only 5 of us who live here) and both me and my husband pick up our cups, and shoes.
Now don't you judge me! Unless your kids are perfect and ALWAYS bring there cups to the sink and ALWAYS put their shoes up. This is life at home with kids. However not the pattern of behavior I would like to teach them. So trying to keep a good attitude while teaching my kids to pick up after themselves, I redid the above song. So here is my remake to my now favorite Muppet song:
Am I a mom or am I a maid
I reflect on the cups and dishes strewn throughout the houseAnd I ask myself the question What's the right direction
Am I a mom or am I maid
If I'm a mom then my kids need to learn to pick up after themselves
If I'm a maid I really should get paid!
Am I a mother or am I a maid

(I think that is a question that I ask myself almost everyday :)
There that is me laughing at life hope they don't mind me playing with the lyrics! (if I could sing I would have for you, but trust me-that is one question I do not have to ask myself!). Hope you all have a good weekend!!!


  1. *applauding*
    I hate to tell you Honey Child, but being a Mom somehow morphs into a Maid on most days. I think you should pack em' all up and send em' out on the road to Louisiana! Just an idea.

  2. The short answer is yes. But this too shall pass--and you might actually long for these days....



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