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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Painters have come to my house!!!

I love to do projects myself - however my living room has a vaulted ceiling (really high!!) so we decided to hire this paint job out! The above picture is my living room almost cleared out, getting ready to prep.

The above picture shows my sample color on the wall along with my White colored railing for my stairs. Well as a mom of 3 girls white railings do not work!!! You can imagine how easy they show dirt!
So I stayed in my bedroom or kitchen for 2 days trying to stay out of the way.

Above is a picture of the finish color of the walls, in Outerbank, and the handrail in Black - Yeah!! I will confess that my husband was very nervous when I told him I wanted this to be painted black, and our moulding is white. I think it turned out pretty nice! What do you think?
I tried to post a close up picture so that you can see the color of the paint. Color is such a hard thing to get to show up in it's true form in photos. I will post more once all the pictures are on the wall, and the furniture is back in.
It is amazing what a coat of paint can do! (That reminds me I better go put some make up on before I have to go pick up the kids!) What did you paint that you were so glad that you did? or what do you need to paint? Are you a paint brush girl or a spray paint girl???


  1. Girl, that looks wonderful!! The black really sets off the walls. Good choice!

    I was glad to paint over the pink walls in our house, and the blue faux finish in the kitchen. lol. It was awful. I still have the upstairs to do. I may need to get your painter's number for my staircase though.

  2. Looks great! Love the color...or at least the way it shows up on my monitor! ;)
    We had to hire someone to paint our stairwell because I'm terrified of heights and I usually do the painting around here. I still have lots more painting to do, too.

  3. Ohhhhhh that looks REALLY good.
    What a good choice and the black completely updates the room, IMO. Love that!!
    I need to paint the two halls in our house as they're beginning to look scuffed up. It will be a big job since I will have to paint around so many doors...I'm neither a sprayer of a paint brush girl. I prefer a large paint sponge type brush; my dh likes to use a roller.



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