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Monday, March 29, 2010


Divorce is such an ugly word. It represents the end of a commitment that is made in front of friends, and family. The end of dreams, and brings into our lives hurt, disappointment, and sometimes depression. It takes 2 people to get married, but it only takes 1 person to decide they want a divorce. Friends and family sometimes can not relate, people want to offer help and don't know how. The christian community struggles to know how to handle this topic. Often no literature can be found on the subject other than "don't do it!". However often the choice for divorce is not mutual. I have never been divorced however some of my loved ones have.
Trying to know what to do for someone who is struggling with a loss is very hard! Especially if you have not gone through it as well! One of my favorite christian authors Denise Hildreth went through a divorce, and writes a wonderful blog that explores life after divorce. It is an honest, soul baring, positive, uplifting blog that I would like others to know about. If you know someone who us going through this difficult time, or if you find yourself in that "season" of life I would encourage you to try Denise's blog! It is located at: www.denisehildreth.typepad.com

I think it is also a wonderful resource! The christian community does not always know how to handle the issue of divorce it is often a taboo topic and finding information regarding life after divorce from a christian viewpoint can be tough! However it is a necessary subject that needs to be tackled- this is a refreshing blog! I applaud anyone who is so honest and revealing!

Even though Denise is honest, and open with the feelings and predicament she finds herself in, her blog also provides encouragement, and information on how to rebuild and navigate your new life being single. I just wanted to share this wonderful blog in case anyone out there might be looking for such a resource or know someone who might benefit from such a blog.

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