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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gilcrease Museum

We went to Gilcrease Museum the other day for the first time in years. It was so much fun for the whole family! I was delighted with our experience at the museum; Gilcrease is located North West of downtown Tulsa.

Gilcrease has galleries of artwork including beautiful breath taking paintings, sculptures, and pieces of Oklahoma history framed for viewing (the expansion of Oklahoma which used to be Indian territory). The museum offers several activities for kids.

First upon entering the museum they offer interactive backpacks that are free to be checked out while you visit for each child. Each backpack consist of different themes and activities as well as things that the kids should keep an eye out to spot during their visit. Gilcrease museum also offers several interactive area for kids. One area is a hands on frontier trading post area.

It includes a canoe the kids can paddle down a interactive video of a river.

The frontier trading post is where kids can play and be themselves. Parents can just relax and watch their kids play.

This area also Includes a paw printing station so kids can learn how animals can be tracked in the wilderness from the different tracks or paw prints they leave behind.

They also have a gallery downstairs that include many Indian artifacts that the kids can use the computers provided to learn more about the artifacts or play games on the computer , which are based on the history of the Indians and Oklahoma.

The grounds of Gilcrease are well maintained and offer many things to delight the whole family.

The grounds include: formal gardens as well as wooded path and pond.

We spent over an hour outside exploring.

The formal gardens are stroller accessible but the wooded area and pond are not.

We spotted 10 turtles that day.

Everyone talked about how much they enjoyed this museum. Each person in our family liked a different activity or aspect of this museum. It is safe to say that this museum was as diverse as our families' likes and interest and entertained us all. What a great way to spend a day! If your looking for something to do in the Tulsa area I would recommend Gilcrease Museum for a day of family time that offers a fun time together.

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